Midwest Hit Again By Winter Storm

Earlier this year, the Midwest was hit by a powerful storm causing massive floods in over 10 states…

Second Bomb Cyclone

A bomb cyclone is a fast strengthening storm in which pressure drops 24 millibars (a unit of pressure) within 24 hours. However, that benchmark can change depending on when the storm forms.

This storm dropped 20 to 23 millibars over 24 hours starting Tuesday afternoon in Colorado, but based on location (40 degrees north latitude) the storm’s pressure only had to drop 18 millibars.

“The focus then shifts South this weekend as another storm system will bring the potential for severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and flooding over the south central U.S.” National Weather Service affirmed.

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Winter’s not Gone

This storm started out in the eastern Pacific and moved into the western US earlier this week. But it was not until Wednesday that the low began to deepen and intensify.

Storms at this time of year usually have characteristics of both winter and spring weather as during this transition time temperature contrasts across the US tend to be extreme. Snow will be a factor for the southern parts of the provinces, but accumulations are not forecast to be as high.

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How to Prepare Yourself

Pay attention to local weather reports during the winter, especially if you live in an area known to experience extreme winter weather. Meteorology may not be an exact science, but if a storm with a 200 mile radius is heading your way, it may be prudent to stock up and hunker down.

Make sure you have plenty of food and other necessities for your pets, as well. You should also keep a stock of at least 2 weeks’ worth of any medications that you or a family member needs.

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