Airliner Shot Down By Russians; Where is America’s Leadership?

When World War II ended, few countries were left standing. Of the 61 countries involved, only three major powers were left and of those, Great Brittan was on her knees. Had it not been for American largess in giving “lend-lease” materials to Russia, the bear would probably have been destroyed as well.

Russia demanded a price for the blood of more than 5.7 million of her soldiers (66% of all nations’ casualties) who had died during that conflict. That price was control of everything in Europe from Berlin east. Few recognized it at the time, but that was the first sign of what was to come. For the next four and a half decades, the Soviet Union tried to extend her influence throughout the world; mostly by using surrogates to instigate violence.

World War II left the United States in a unique position, that of being the leader of the free world. We have proudly born that burden, acting as a protector for the weak and standing against the strong, especially those strong ones who wished to overrun the weak.

While many cynics have belittled our government’s intervention in the various wars we have been involved in, for the most part, the United States has fought in order to protect others, specifically from communism and other forms of tyrannical rule.

The Good Old Days Has Gone

That is, we have done so until now. Things have changed during the reign of our current president. Whereas the world has been used to looking at the United States as a strong supporter of righteousness, they are no longer sure of what to expect from us. No longer do America’s aircraft carriers appear off the shore of some distant land, warning other governments to behave or suffer the consequences of the most powerful military in the world. Now, they look at us and laugh.

The change in our military’s leadership; or rather, lack of leadership, has put the world in danger.

President Obama has gutted the military on several levels, removing over 200 top generals and admirals from their positions. He has replaced them with ones who were more “politically correct” and willing to fire on American citizens.

In addition, he has turned our military into a social experiment, focusing on giving to some people special rights and taking rights away from the average soldier. Adding to all this, he has gutted their budget, expecting them to operate on less and less every year.

The world sees this. They see that the United States is no longer taking an active role in keeping peace around the world. It is clear that we are no longer drawing that line in the sand, requiring that countries respect others’ territorial boundaries. Essentially, they see that we have become weak. Whereas enemies trembled in fear of our military capability, they now shake with laughter over our leadership.

The recent shoot-down of a Malaysian airline near the Ukrainian and Russian border can be seen as evidence of this. Throughout the Cold War, the United States held back Russian/Soviet aggression. Since the Soviet Union fell, that hasn’t been much of an issue; but now that Russia has an aggressive president in office, they are flexing their muscles. First by invading the Crimea and now by shooting down an unarmed civilian transport plane, with no provocation.

It appears that it is time for the United States to stand up and tell the bully to back off once again. So, what does Obama do? He makes a 30 second statement before one of his fundraising speeches, saying that “It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.” That’s it. That’s all the supposed leader of the free world could say about an act of aggression that killed 298 innocent civilians.

This airplane was not shot down by Ukrainian rebels. It was flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet when it was shot down. That eliminates any possibility of handheld missile systems, as well as many vehicular missile systems. The only way that plane could have been shot down was as a deliberate act of aggression by the Russian military. Yet all Obama could say was a wimpy, “it looks like a tragedy.”

(President Ronald Reagan’s address to the nation on the Soviet attack on a Korean airliner, in 1983. Video first seen on Reagan Foundation.)

The United States has many enemies around the world; North Korea, Iran, China and maybe even Russia all count as enemies. While we have trade relations with China, which has never made them friends. If they were friends, why would their military cyber-command be working so hard to penetrate our military and government computer systems? No, trade for them is merely a way for them to use us to finance the growth of their military.

Once again, rather than taking a strong stand to protect the weak and innocent, Obama has sent a clear message to the world that the United States is no longer the superpower that we used to be. He has shown time and time again that we won’t do anything, even when our allies are attacked. He is all but inviting our enemies to take decisive military action, both abroad and here on our own shores.

On top of the invasion that Obama has engineered on our southern border and his constant overtures to Muslim terrorists, I guess this shouldn’t surprise me. D’Souza said it in 2016: Obama’s America… Obama’s goal is to destroy the U.S. A.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • It started when he pulled the missile defense from the old eastern block countries.
    When he was able to get the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt he gave them 1.4 billion and tanks and planes When the people of Egypt thru out the MB Obama thru a hissie fit and allowed Russia to take Americas place supplying 4 billion worth of Arms.
    In Syria they were using chemical and biological weapons He drew a red line then folded like a cheap suit once again allowing Russia to take the Lead. Syria still has their illegal weapons.
    In Iran he just gave them the time they need along with 106 billion dollars.
    He gave Russia the world and then wonders why they took it !!!

  • What a load of crap. The US State Department funded Svoboda’s actions against the Russian Slavs and Jews in the Ukraine (Svoboda is a Neo-Nazi group), and caused the whole problem to begin with. The Slavs in the Crimean Peninsula are defending themselves, and many of them are military veterans who know full well how to use anti-aircraft guns and missiles to shoot down jets at pretty much any altitude. So, either you don’t know what you are talking about (Let me guess: you were not in Combat Arms in the US Army, were you?), or you are now the newest mouthpiece for the Obama Administration. The US Department of State also funded the training and equipping of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and Russia is helping to arm anyone who is fighting those Jihadist freaks too. I am certain that you will soon have something bad to say about them for that too.

    We currently have a foreign national, Obama, sitting in the Oval Office of the White House. Considering the lack of many American politicians with enough backbone to do the job and tell the NWO where to get off, which Putin has done, if Putin were on the ballot to be President of the United States then I would vote for the man. I suspect that he would be almost as good as Ronald Reagan was, but not quite.

    • hear hear!

      • I agree with the doctor, it is easy to blame the Russians and make the US government looking like the good guys. But being truth be told the unending war in the world is created by both America, Russia, United Kingdom, France. So I do not believe that the crisis and sufferings of the world is created by only one nation. It is a combination of powerful countries, elite and powerful individuals who have one intention. A new world order – one government, one religion and anti-Christ as the head. So all the past and present wars is cause by the this groups.

    • Amen Doctor!

    • I’ve survived enough years communism in Eastern Europe to know that people like Putin is the worst thing that could ever happen to a country.
      Do you think that a leader with Putin’s profile would allow your organic right to carry guns? Or would he allow you the freedom of speech, or your right to act and live as a free human being? Forget all of them, because it would become wishful thinking!
      Do you really believe that Putin is defending Russia? Ask Easter Europeans what they think about it, because they really felt for the last 50 years what “Mother Russia” means. Do you think that Moldavia, for example, is Russia? Ask the Native Moldavians how their country has been ripped off from Romania. Ask the Czech people how they feel about Russia and where Putin’s boundaries should be.
      You might get a different answer from top German politicians for example: Germany exported 500 mil euros military equipment to Russia recently, which is a good reason not to stand up firmly against Putin.
      And one more thing: did anybody notice the war that started in Israel the same day when the plane has been shot down?
      You, American people, are what you are because you have never had a “tzar”, or any other “father” to tell you what to think, and what are you allowed to do. You are what you are because you were born and raised with real freedom around you. You just don’t realize what you have.
      Please, don’t give up those virtues just because one tough leader from far away abroad seems to be better than yours.
      If you, American people, give up these virtues, than all of us, over here, will be hopeless…

      • Ilona, actually we did have a “Tzar” or “Father” telling us what to do and think. From the early 1700’s until the start of the American Revolution, King George III and the British Parliament enacted laws that over-taxed the American colonists and severely limited their freedoms. That is why the Colonists created a government, declared freedom and fought the British to when their freedom from that tyrannical government. Some of us don’t forget the sacrifice that these great men gave and great county they created. Unfortunately, too many of our citizens take their freedom for granted. If we don’t stand up and start telling the liberal ruling class that we will not take it any more, we will end up enslaved to them as the original 13 colonies were to the British. I will never forget and I will not allow my country to be destroyed by our current dictator.

        • Brian, you, Americans, did not live enough under a paternalist pattern to be brainwashed. You still count more than 200 years of freedom behind you.

      • Don’t worry Brian, we have not given up, our resolve to see justice done has been strengthened by knowing our leader is weak, and our people are many. We see the problem clear. The tide is turning. obama, is NOT the voice of the majority. In 50 years, ive never seen Americans so alert, and paying very close attention. And they are not, in a good mood.

        • Most US citizens are not aware of worldly events. A US TV channel performed a survey and 67% of people interviewed were oblivious of both Ukraine & Gaza Strip issues, they also didnt know what ISIS was. But then again, a similar survey on the US Bill of Rights produced an equally ignorant response. There is too much apathy in the Western world in general which is a sad indictment on our self-centred ‘citizens’.

          • Don’t blame most Americans. The reason for the results you stated, JD, is that Americans are victims of public schools that don’t teach history/civics/etc., a mainstream media that are cowed by the administration to carry water, and the Federal Reserve watering down the value of money so much it now takes 2 adults working full-time to support a middle class family when before it only took one.

          • I think that even 10-20mins periodically on the web, viewing the various international & radical news websites, would give a more balanced view of what is occuring in the world. Its not a big ask. It may even lead to people questioning what they see/read. People just can’t be bothered…and you’ve also raised another good point – ownership: lets play the ‘blame game’ and blame everyone else for everything. We all have choices, most take the ‘bury your head in the sand’ apathy option. We are on this planet to make a difference and to leave it a better place than it was before we depart. Today most people want a free ride, a free meal ticket, to be wrapped in cotton wool, to be looked after, to have no responsibility and the leaders of the world are fully aware of this and will provide this…for a price? Your Freedom!
            “They who can give up essential liberty, to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”. Benjamin Franklin

    • It was the Ukraine air controller that directed the flight over the war zone.
      How did the Ukraine foreign minister know it was a Russian made missile system only an hour or so after the tragedy?
      Something smell here and I think it’s B.O.

  • Better start watching Europe’s response to this shift in military power; this was an attack on Netherlands, and by intimate connection, western/central Europe, (100%) dependent on importing vital resources. War has always been for control of vital resources (land, oil, minerals, water, and when convenient, the slaves to harvest/produce for the victors). It’s as simple as that. While this article’s author glorifies American “Mythstery,” all nations are guilty of this, and after the current empires fade into a distant memory, history will be rewritten to favor the new “winners.” Americans would learn a lot from reading books on historic events written by other nations’ perspective. Remember, the ones who actually fight and suffer from war are NOT the leaders of society, but the ones told by those hypocritical, self-serving leaders, to fight for your country. The PEOPLE of every nation (wherever the arbitrary lines are that define them for the moment) are all fighting for their country. No body wins all the time. History is 6000 years of writing this lesson in INdelible black magic marker.

  • It’s a little early to get in to a shooting match with Russia. Let’s wait at least until after an investigation has been attempted.

    This could have been done by an on-board bomb by anyone, including someone with a personal grudge against any of the passengers or crew. It could be a false flag by the U.S. It could be the result of a Russian action. It could be Chinese action trying to re-kindle the Cold War so they can succeed commercially. It’s too soon to tell.

    From someone with a survival mind-set, encouraging the U.S. to retain/regain “Super-Power” status is to encourage SHTF and to reduce survival in America.

  • Concur Dr. Alford, anything would be better than Obozo!!!

  • Many have taken the puppet US, Inc. for the Zionist banking cabal and criminal pedophile Jesuit’s ploy hook. line and sinker, eh?

    • Really?! Don’t tell me that you believe that crap that Putin’s media spread over the world…
      You’d probably find out from the same sources that Putin was supposed to be killed instead of those poor 280 people, and that MH17 is the same with the missing Malaysian flight that all the world was looking for five months ago…
      Yeah, sure! How didn’t I figure it out???

      • ILONA, All I can say at this point is look into the Iranian airline which the good ole US, Inc. blew out of the sky resulting in a similar amount perishing as this recent MH17 disaster. Did any of you hear about any country demanding sanctions or the beating of WWIII war drums on the US, Inc. for this unconscionable act? Do any of you think the recent satellite clip showing that MH17 was downed via Kiev is not evidence enough who the real culprit’s are or does cognitive dissonance rule the sheep herd? “roll eyes”

  • MH17. Apart from Hamas, the only party with such contempt for life and matching weaponry is the
    new world order’s main puppet. That being the U.S. government executive branch and co. Scheming
    away behind the scenes, swaying opinion against Russia, Israel and whoever they choose. The
    difference being that Hamas have not kept their genocidal agendas hidden from the whole world for
    many decades.

    Dust has barely settled and within a day, the pentagon were already claiming the local conflict as
    a reason. A conflict which they devised and have further fuelled with dropping MH17 from the sky.
    They intend nuking Russia soon, being a nation who could stand in the way of a global domination
    agenda. Same for China at a later date. 150 U.S. military bases are already in place globally and
    the Ukraine conflict is about adding another. Examples of mans sin potential. I do not hate any
    particular nationality in case you are wondering.

    The cia placed back onboard those they had killed from MH370 and set a new remote control bombing
    device on MH17. Quite normal for such a corrupt group. They must not care for peace or love.
    Eavesdropping efforts will not have yielded terrorist plots unless they were inward looking. Not
    even the most unhinged extremists would consider operating on U.S. soil.

    Many nations will have examples of wrongs and injustice. Here in NZ we have the Erebus insurance
    job which involved flying a plane full of people directly at the highest Antarctic mountain during
    1979. The court of appeal and privy council both took part in denying the findings of Justice
    Mahon. Officers involved in the body recovery actually viewed critical evidence on site before
    involved parties later disposed of it.

    The stories are shocking. Many who sing their anthem would not condone or even conceive such
    atrocities as being possible, yet they are. It makes you yearn for wholesome ways and biblical
    wisdom. The consistent sinning of man makes God’s offer of forgiveness and paradise all the more

    How odd it is that man could even consider his actions and motives are not known in entirety.
    Despite knowing our every wrong, God offers all an amnesty for a life of sin and it is free for
    the asking. There are only weeks till the rapture. The only safe zone is in knowing Jesus as Lord
    and Saviour. It must be true because Matthew 24 describes a scene where people walking together
    are either taken or left suggesting an unexpected event on an otherwise normal day.

    Prophesy is not always a straight line. Localised events can become postponed or cancelled.
    However, the last days signs are all present and fit closely with scripture including the world
    record Christchurch earthquake of February 2011 almost 3.5 years since. Life may even remain
    relatively stable until the rapture which would fit except a darkened Sun and blood red Moon could
    indicate a volcanic eruption directly prior.

    And there are only months till Earth itself passes away. Earth is like a fragile damaged raft
    heading toward the most horrendous destruction and God is offering a free gift of complete safety
    if we seek Him while He can be found. Sin is the issue and all are guilty. Fortunately our perfect
    and loving God offers total forgiveness and eternal paradise free for the asking. Who can say when
    their last day is. The current world mortality rate is about 1.78 deaths each second and our
    spiritual state is set at the point of dying. A million or more die each week.

    God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All the same God whose love for you meant He suffered
    greatly on your behalf, making forgiveness possible. God loves you more than we readily grasp. He
    loves you already. Let that sink in. He already loves you and you need not earn it. When you put
    on the symbolic helmet of salvation following repentance, righteous living follows from His power
    within you and through gratitude. The bottom line is we should seek Him while He can be found.

  • I don’t as a rule make comments to things that are written in my emails, but today is an exception. We all are aware that we are headed towards World War III, it’s inevitable, it’s lucrative, governments make money off of death.
    Putin does not want a war, but will defend his Russia if need be. USA on the other hand wants to instigate a war through false pretenses. The dark side of the US government wants and is trying to incite another war. So take your blinders off and see who your enemy truly is..; (The US Government against it’s own people.)

    • BINGO! Patricia!

  • First, let me respond to comments above. I don’t think the audience for this author thinks America is bad and Obama is good. Quite the opposite. So, why would Mr. White write anything of the sort you seem to think? Why do you interpret what was written in the bog as somehow pro-Obama? Anti-American? I think you are trying to grind an axe not in evidence in Mr. White’s work.

    Now back to topic… It would quite easy indeed to reverse the trend of the US being seen as feckless internationally. America, if it chooses to become a net exporter of energy, could drain trillions of rubles or yuan or (put “bad guy” currency here) by controlling energy markets, and could strengthen the dollar and put a damper on “bad guy” regimes. It is the economic trends that determine the strength of nations. We could impose a tiny tariff on energy transactions with foreign nations. Before you jump in… Our “friends” all benefit from America’s strength; they can spend less on their own defense, while we protect the world. It seems only fair that we take a tiny fee and devote it to our military…and NOTHING else. Very quickly, our economy prospers (yes, if the spendthrifts on both sides of the aisle get throttled back), the dollar strengthens, and our military grows ever more powerful than our enemies’ combined. There would again be “iron” in Americas words…if they are NOT coming out of Obama’s mouth. In addition, our enemies would be forced to spend a larger piece of their GDP on their military. This is how Reagan forced the USSR’s hand, i.e. he forced the Soviets into an unsustainable spending spree to try and maintain military parity.


  • Me. White seems to be forgetting that those people touted by the media as “our allies” are anything but. Most of our “allies” are all too happy to spend US taxpayer money on their own political aims and see the blood of US soldiers spilled in the name of ” international justice” – so long as they get to share in the spoils too.

    Mr. White, what is really happening here is that NWO is staging a play to expand it’s reach further west. Russia has been a thorn in their side for decades, and leaders like Putin have proven to be very skilled at keeping the globalists out.

    Let me ask you, have you bothered to ask yourself, “Why?” Why would the separatists shoot down a civilian plane at random? Why would Putin sanction or make provision for such an attack? There is no reason. Neither the separatists nor Putin stood to benefit from this event – indeed, quite the opposite is true. Now ask yourself,”Who DID stand to benefit?” This is called “manufactured consent,” Mr. White. It is nothing new.

    Have Americans really become so blitheringly ignorant that Wolf Blitzer can get on camera pimping a retired general as an expert, and archived footage of unrelated events as “evidence,” and start making totally unsubstantiated claims which every other news outlet then repeats as “FACT,” to their oh-so-willing belief and astonishment? Apparently so. I think that’s sad.

    I have to say, Mr. White, that while your “credentials” which appear at the end of your article may seem as though they should lend a sense of credibility to your effort, the article itself belies a total absence of any related merit.

  • I don’t understand how Russia is being blamed when there hasn’t even been a full investigation. I don’t think Russia is a good country, but to be honest I’m having trouble figuring out if there is such a thing these days. What does Russia or the rebels gain from shooting down a passenger plane? Not much, but it would help Ukraine’s cause. Why was a passenger jet flying in a restricted war zone especially since rebels had downed a military plane a week before? I think the plane was purposely diverted into the war zone and the rebels shot it down. If I’m correct who is more evil, those who mistakenly shot it down or those who underhandedly caused the tragedy for political gain?

  • The rebuttals to Mr. White are more numerous than the supporters. That is a good sign for the USA.

    I cannot understand the putsch among certain veterans for more war of any sort, given the dire economic situation the US finds itself in today. Spending more than we receive does not build our strength but encourages us to sell what strength we have just to survive another day, week, maybe a year.

    We have been doing this since the first Bush became president and every successor has continued to add to our woes. When 2008 occurred and Bush jr. and Paulson ran to Congress for emergency printing of dollars to satisfy OPEC(Saudi Arabia) mandated “cash on the barrel head for their oil” delivered to us, that was the end of our national supremacy in world affairs. It has been down hill ever since for us in every direction, especially in our defense and military ones. We have been “leasing” our navy, airforce, special forces not just to NATO but to any nation that can pay or assume the costs of maintenance of our forces where they are stationed. That fact confined those deals to Islamic nations which had oil dollars galore and no deficits!

    This is not hearsay, it is fact.

    If we cannot support our military without renting it out to our stated enemies, we should reduce it. It makes no sense to transform our military into mercenaries fighting for people who do not share our ideals. This is where Mr. White is grievously wrong.

    Further, our constitution does not allow for a standing army in peacetime and the war on terror was concocted to cover that fact. But how is this imagined war one we can defend against when we do not know who the enemy is even when it is Islamites who are raging it. Mr.White never addresses this. We are told there are Jihadists doing the dastard deeds but we are told we will be prosecuted if we malign Islam which gives them religious reason to do their worst! Mr. White never addresses this.

    The fact of the matter is that there are many Americans who are in Islam’s camp and they don’t tell us they are. Some of them are darlings of the conservatives. Some of them hold high rank in active duty forces and its well paid retirement. These are the problems since they are “double agents”. They are rife in our system and were planted there by our Brit allies because they are rife in their system….especially Rhode Scholars!
    Look up what you sign when you are selected for that “honor”. Many grads of our service academies grab at that honor because it assures promotion to the highest ranks.

    Two hundred years ago, Britain waged war with Russia in the Crimea and lost. Europe breathed a sigh of relief. Britain was playing a dangerous game. It was flirting with Islam to accomplish take over of world trade and the finance it entailed. Britain, rebuffed, went on with its scheme. A Secret Service was invented, different from military intelligence and it was to serve the political aims of the new intelligentsia’s fad of a New World Order. It was resurrection of Empire and the whole 19th Century history of Great Britain was consumed with it.
    Disraeli was the Prime minister who delivered it to Queen Victoria and he did it by playing with the Islamic groups in India to deliver non Islamic India to the crown to accomplish it. We still speak of the British Raj (Rajah/Islamic) in reference to it!

    Success breeds repetition and so the Brit secret services were always known for their pro Islamic bias and the whole of Brit literature was dedicated to hailing it, from Disraeli himself, his many friends from Conan Doyle through to Kipling and Chesterton, they celebrated adventurous men of great intellect hailed as the new saviours of our world. They never called themselves Islamites,they adopted the name “orientalists” and for the next 100 years they churned out romantic fables re, the Men of Araby and created some memorable ones of their own like Lawrence of Arabia, Pasha Glubb to 007, all from the Brit secret service.

    This new direction did not sit well with Central Europe, Russia. Central Europe had been attacked twice by Islam and thanks to Russia and Poland, Islam had been repulsed.The onslaught had been barbarous. The whole southern tier in Central Europe had towns festooned with towers of skulls amassed from the victims of Islam and many still have them today, especially in Jugoslavia. Think what has happened in Libya and is happening in Syria and Iraq now thanks to our support for these incursions under the lie that we support democracy! The history is there for you to read despite the english language propaganda to the contrary. To give you a jot, just think back to Billy Clinton’s role in giving the largest part of what was once Jugoslavia to Islam just in the last ten years and you all stood still and let christian lands fly the crescent! He was a Rhodes Scholar.

    I salute you who know that our real problem is the same it has been since Mohammed began his religion by re-inforcing international trade contracts with deliver or die, the stuff sea captains loved since they made his Islamic draconian rules maritime law now made into international law by all our international entities. Herein lies our problem. Christianity has been supplanted by Islam in clever subterfuge and most christians, jews do not even know it!


  • Big oil (Rockefeller/ Rothchild – and the Zionists controlled U.S. military) are doing a great job by destabilizing entire middle east and making huge profits in the process. Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine for the pipelines Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Gaza for the oil and Mali for the gold. Follow the money, not some bogus made up theory. MH17 is their latest bait. Putin is not falling in this trap.
    America is broke since 1933. Period. Eisenhower warned the Americans in the 50’s . Kennedy stood up against them by offering an alternate dollar backed up by silver. Now BRICS is the biggest thread for the IMF/ FED banking cartel.

    Why paying so much money for the second most common liquid on the planet? Why are ALL kinds of free energy from Tesla, Schauberger, Hendershot and many and many other deliberately kept in the dark?

  • Oh, how blind the sheeple are these days! Most lack the attention span to realize that Obama was chosen many years ago by the International Oligarchs to do exactly what he’s doing, and to do so at this moment in time. Why? It’s very simple. A united, powerful America is the ONLY roadblock left to stand in the way of the New World Order . The possibility of Europe being that roadblock was ended in 1945. And, now that the dumbing down of the majority of America has been a smashing success, there’s nothing left to stand in their way……. Except for the human population reduction called for in the UN Agenda 21. Within the next ten years, 6.5 BILLION people are going to die.

    • I know people close to the situation. You are wrong. Very wrong. Shameful behavior, yours.

  • I am from Slovakia (Used to be Czechoslovakia). We used to be occupied by Soviet forces. Not a great thing, but no tragedy. We were told what to think, but we knew better. We were suppressed by Soviets and he rest of Warsaw pact in 1968 even when calling the west to aid our uprising. No-one came.
    We were fooled by U.S. and Western Europe promises of freedom and justice in 1989.
    We got poverty, more brainwashing and a near-slave status by the EU and the oh so sterling U.S.

    US is no hero to us. Just another opressor.

    There is information in the German media that a Ukranian fighter jet shot the plane.
    I would be loath to accuse Russia on the basis of such a poor evidence.