Is Martial Law Coming Soon?

A number of recent events have given rise to the question of whether the United States is heading towards martial law, sometime in the near future. We are seeing an increased militarization of police forces across the land, as well as more and more police excesses, as those militarized forces flex their muscles in the direction of the citizens they are supposedly sworn to protect.

The Bundy ranch is only the most recent of these excesses. Probably the most infamous of them is the way that police forces dealt with the Boston Marathon Bombing. In the aftermath of that atrocity, police instituted what was essentially martial law on their own authority.

Citizens were forced to remain in their homes until police showed up. As the police reached each home in their house-to-house search, they would kick the family out and make them stand on the street. They also confiscated firearms, even those that were legally owned.

None of this did a thing to help capture the bombers, who were eventually captured due to an alert citizen calling the police and telling them that they saw someone who looked like one of the bombers hiding in their neighbor’s backyard. This raised the question; were the police justified in their actions?

Technically, the police acted within the confines of the law. Recent changes to the law allow police and federal agents much more latitude in how they deal with the citizenry. In a sense, they are no longer responsible to the people who pay their salaries; rather serving the “higher cause” of the “greater good.”

In other words, if they can state they are acting to protect society at large, then they can get away with a lot.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all police and all federal agents have become bad guys or even that they’re comfortable with some of the things that they are doing. One of the things that came out of the Bundy ranch was that some of the federal agents on site stated that they were uncomfortable with what they had been ordered to do, but they had to do it or lose their jobs.

So, where are we going with all this? It appears rather clear that we are heading in the direction of becoming a police state. Honest citizens are being villainized and named as terrorists, while true criminals and terrorists are being left alone, so that the police aren’t accused of being “racist.”

The Long Arm of Politics

The big question actually boils down to one of politics. While the country may be approaching that of being a police state, that doesn’t mean that martial law is in effect or will be in effect. Theoretically, martial law is only declared by the military, when government organs are no longer able to meet their requirements to take care of the people.

The government steps in temporarily to reestablish order, and then turns the country back over to the government once again. In reality, martial law is usually declared by politicians who are afraid of the citizenry. Instead of being enacted to protect the citizens, it is usually enacted to protect the government from the citizens.

That’s the type of situation we might soon find ourselves in. It is clear that the ongoing events in Nevada have captured the attention of the highest political offices in the land, even though they have been strangely quiet about it. American patriots are sending a clear signal to Washington; one that we will only be pushed so far. That strikes fear in the hearts of the politicians, especially liberal ones.

President Obama has already signed the executive order which gives him the right to declare martial law at any time. I think that’s a significant sign. If he didn’t think that there would be a reason for him to need that authority, why would he have given it to himself?

Let me add something else into the mix here. In just a few short months, we have the 2014 midterm elections. Pundits are already predicting a landslide victory for the Republican party, with Democrats losing seats in both the House and the Senate. Should that happen, it would put President Obama in a very dangerous situation. For the first time in his presidency, he would be faced with a senate that is opposed to him.

There are several possible outcomes to the Democrats losing control of the Senate. The first and most obvious is that Congress would do everything in its power to put a stop to the president’s socialist agenda. As part of that, there’s a very strong possibility that they would start impeachment proceedings.

Once Obama is impeached, there’s a possibility that he will also be tried as a traitor to the United States of America. Many people have been speaking out about this, including some on the halls of government. Obama the narcissist can’t afford to let that happen. Being convicted of treason would not only stop his liberal agenda, but would also put him in jail for the rest of his life.

I’m not sure which would be worse for him. While nobody wants to go to jail, he may actually be more focused on his agenda. After all, he is firmly convinced that he and only he can lead this country in the direction that he feels it needs to go. It doesn’t matter to him how many people oppose his ideas; he has his pen and his phone and he intends to use them to the max. But if he is impeached and tried for treason, he won’t be able to use either of them.

The only way out that Obama has is to declare martial law, either before the elections or before those newly elected Congressmen can take office. That would leave him even more firmly in control than he is now, as he would be able to suspend the Constitution, as well as the Bill of Rights.

Obama has relieved almost 200 top commanders in our military forces, in an effort to make the country’s military loyal to him and his liberal vision for America. He has quietly asked members of the military to swear a personal oath of loyalty to him. In addition, he has emasculated the military, giving control to minorities which — just as in the rest of society — are receiving preferential treatment in our armed forces, while true heroes are being stripped of their rights.

The Other Army 

But the military isn’t Obama’s ace in the hole; the Department of Homeland Security is. When Obama was running for president the first time, he stated that the country needed a Department of Homeland Security that was as well equipped and trained as the military.

Why is that so? Don’t we have a military to protect us from foreign threats? If so, then what do we need the DHS for? Even worse, why do they need to be equipped like the military?

The Constitution denies the military the right to operate on U.S. soil. So, if Obama is going to declare martial law, he needs a military force that he can use, which is not part of the normal military establishment. That’s what the DHS gives him. It is quite possibly the military that he intends to use, in order to establish his version of martial law.

It appears that Obama is keeping an ace up his sleeve; the ace of declaring martial law. When and if that happens, there are only two possible options. Either we all buckle under and accept our new Marxist dictator or we will need to rise up and declare the second American revolution.

The question we need to ask ourselves is; which will it be?

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • The Boston Marathon response was a bad example of police exercising unlawful martial law. What they did was to catch a terrorist and it protected the public.

    That being said, I still believe in order for Obama to carry out Agenda 21 and other socialist, nanny state objectives, the reach of the government is way out of control.

    We had better vote in all new politicians in November.

    • The cops today are pigs from A pig pen

      • Great input, moron.

        • There is one small problem with this and other articles like it… our government is not as competent as we think it is. These people run the post office for cripes sake. Yes, our military has been pushing around some smaller nations but look it up, Homeland security and the US army if it were all here on US soil can only muster about 2 million people combined, of which 4 out of 5 are support. The regional segments of Homeland security have an average of 2 thousand agents for their region. Who here seriously believes that 2000 people could control a major city if it was given that task? And even if it was backed up by the military 2 million armed people can’t control 300 million people if 100 million are armed and 50 million don’t support the reasons for doing it and are willing to stand up against it. And don’t forget possibly a half of the army may not support the reason for the action either.
          What’s the chance someone is literally trying to sell us something? Have you bought the disc set yet?

          • lol I love your glass is half full attitude. No one said it would be easy. Many will die, but this “utopia” world we live in has had lots of practice throughout history.

    • Are you out of your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a training exercise, Question: Why would any terrorist in their right mind place a bomb in a collateral damage area such as the finish line, if you hated a country why wouldn’t you place it at the start line when there were 27,000 plus back to stomach within a two block radius.
      Question two, why were there such a LARGE build up by Boston University of Black and Green Vehicles “DAYS” prior to the event ?
      They locked the city down looking for two scape goats and all of you in Boston rolled over and took it without Vaseline.
      Protecting us…. You my friend are asleep and a sheep

    • The Boston Marathan response was nothing more than the Federal government conducting an excercise in martial law and testing how the citizens responded. Forcing obviously lawful citizens out of their homes in the face of heavily armed troops was far more force than needed. As was the lockdown on the city including a forced airplane ban over the area. Were they expecting an attack from fighter bombers next perhaps?

      What they found was a compliant citizenry filled with fear and willing to do whatever authority demanded. Not that they had much choice with military troops and tanks on their streets. Pretty disgusting if you ask me and an example of a Federal government that has completely shredded the Constitution and Bill of Rights and grown into a Leviathan well beyond its Constitutionally defined limits.

      And no, this exercise did not find the alleged terrorist. A watchful private citizen did. And they fired upon a wounded boy without provocation probably to kill him and eliminate any potential evidence that may point to this as a government exercise rather than an actual event. The Federal masters do not care about citizens as we see from costly wars whereby our youth are being sacrificed under the aegis of the UN (That would be NATO which is a UN chartered organization. Look up their charter online for confirmation of who NATO represents.) which again is contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

      A police state is coming if the economy collapses. That much is clear. See Police State 4 by Alex Jones on YouTube for the legislative facts on that issue which you will find in the first 30 minutes of the presentation.

    • Armored personel carriers used for croud control was mass produced and placed on trains and shipped from the west coast to the east coast a year ago. This whole thing was planned ten years ago and which puppett president is in office at the time it is to be implemented isirrelevant. Martial law in this society at this time is impossible to enforce because much of the cia and most of the US military is and has been secretly poised to initiate strategic first strikes against homeland security forces. Secondly the US militias are poised to protect the citezens city by city and the DOD is in position to counter the predictable actions of those who control the president. Esentially it will be a 72 hour blood bath and the controllers will be taken out in the background….quietly and thouroughly…clean sweep. Know this the homeland security forces have just so many men and thats it while DOD and the militias have limitless backup recruits. Yet the controllers still think police state nazi tactics will work? The controllers have low IQs and we’re already sitting next to each and every one of them awaiting OUR orders……….

  • The ironic thing about the boston bombing is that the police were way behind the two that bombed the marathon. If the person that called in would not have called in the police never would have found them. I also think that it was set up by the government so they could get into the news.

    • Correct. It was a training drill on how to lock down a city. Crimes take place all the time. No one locks down a city. It’s not the first time either. It doesn’t make the news, but people have blogged that martial law was enforced back in prior years of NATO and G8 Summits.
      Is a matter of fact, for every one of these so-called gun incidents, it was proven afterwards that it was a CIA training, which ALWAYS ended in lose of lives.

  • I don’t think that we will be impeaching Obama. That’s never been successful. More likely, we are going to see impeachments of Holder, etc. It’s new ground, but I think that the most likely ruling from the SCOTUS is that if the Senate has to confirm them, the Senate can impeach them.

    If Holder is out and Obama has to put a compromise AG acceptable to a GOP Senate in, (and remember, we will still have mewlers like McCain there on the GOP side) then the battle is already won.

    • Obama will be impeached once they tie him to Benghazi! It is past time for him to be thrown out!

    • Impeachment never been successful? What about Bill Clinton?

  • if Obama was going to be stopped, he never should have been put on the ballot in 2009 – with ALL of Congress standing by silently while a foreign national was elected.
    Between the Sheeple masses and the comatose church, he’s been put where he is by God for judgment on a nation who’s drowning in its own sins.

  • “[President Obama] has quietly asked members of the military to swear a personal oath of loyalty to him.” If true, this is treason and the most blatant violation of the Constitution possible. What proof do you have of this statement? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending any of his actions – in fact, I’ve been on the lookout for indicators of this exact move. This would be an undeniable “opening salvo”…proof must be solid.

  • What is martial law? Is it government listening to everything you say? Is it government officials breaking into your home in the middle of the night, spiriting you away never to be seen again? Is it strict rules on when, where, how and why you travel? Is it government taking your property by force? Is it government regulating what you produce or consume? To some, martial law may mean military troops in the street, but how would the consequences be different than now?

  • The debt of the US to China is so high that Obama cannot pay it back with money. When the dollar will get down for example around the end of 2014, US will give land in payment to the Chinese (Western US).
    Of course, Americans will not like it suddendly to produce food for the Chinese and be their slaves. So, the police and military is needed to enforce the rights of the Chinese.
    Therefore, martial law (also) is coming.

    • That’s what the whole Bundy debacle is about. Reid has given the Chinese use of the land that is MANAGED, not owned, by the Feds, as a place to develop a Solar Power factory. Many people — politicians and pundits alike — prattle on that China and, to a lesser extent Japan, own most of America’s $14.3 trillion in government debt, but there’s one little problem with that conventional wisdom: it’s just not true. While the Chinese, Japanese and plenty of other foreigners own substantial amounts, it’s really Americans who hold most of America’s debt.
      America owes foreigners about $6.5 trillion in debt. But America owes America $11.8 trillion.

  • Your article states, “The Constitution denies the military the right to operate on U.S. soil”. If you are refering to the Posse Comatatus Act, that has already been circumvented with Bush in 2006. The John Warner Defense Authorization Act gave the president the authority to use the armed forces against the population on U.S. soil.

    Sec. 333. Interference with State and Federal law
    `The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other :means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if it–
    `(1) so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States
    within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, :privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and :the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that :right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection; or
    `(2) opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes :the course of justice under those laws.
    In any situation covered by clause (1), the State shall be considered to have :denied the equal protection of the laws secured by the Constitution.’.

  • This is in answer to PAINTMAN’s May 2nd comments:
    Martial Law is the federal government’s taking full control of all activities in a given territory, suspending all rights under the constitution, arresting citizens without warrant, detaining them in prisons without any charges being placed, jailed for an indeterminate length of time, incarcerated without legal representation, and setting up a tyrannical dictatorship to rule over the people. In addition, since this is accomplished during a time of crisis, Martial Law is normally terminated when the crisis is past. However, what the definition of a “crisis” is would be up to the governmental authorities to decide. The net result is a self-imposed monarchy to rule over the citizenry without the freedom or liberty to control their own lives. Our Founding Fathers recognized the danger of allowing a tyranny to rule, and therefore wrote into the US Constitution the prohibitions to prevent Martial Law from ever being used in the United States. This was also the reason for the 2nd amendment giving the right of the people to have arms. It wasn’t for hunting. It wasn’t for shooting competitions. It wasn’t for target practice or plinking. The 2nd amendment was for personal defense, including protection of self, family and friends, but primarily to protect us from a dictatorial central government.

    I belong to an organization called the “Oath Keepers”, made up of patriots who uphold the US Constitution as the highest law of the land. As such, the members have all taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States as the highest law of the land, and we refuse to participate in any and all violations of that document. If our federal leaders, who have also taken that same oath, attempt to continue flaunting that oath, we will fight for the rights of the people just as our forefathers did, even if it means to the death. I encourage the reader to investigate The Oath Keepers website for a clear picture of our organization.

    I spent nearly a month at the Bundy Ranch during the illegal actions of the BLM, not knowing if I would ever be going home again. That time I spent convinced me that our government is totally out of control, and I pray that the citizens of this once great country will be able to turn the situation around without a 2nd revolution and without the ensuing bloodshed which would have to occur. But I stand ready to do whatever is required to protect my beloved homeland.

    Whip Holt, Nevada Patriot

    • As long as 545 government officials and 310 million Americans allow him to stay in office – proven foreign agent and traitor, we have no one to blame but ourselves. God always gives people the government they deserve.