How Many Calories You Actually Need To Survive

If you are thinking about the number of calories that you need to survive, then you are in the right place!

This is a very important question, especially if you are looking forward to a hiking or camping trip in the wild! You should be ready for every kind of challenges and difficulties that you can face during your trip! Shortage of food and supplies should be a common drill for people planning trips like these or the people who are already living in remote areas where there is a limited amount of food and water! You should know that calories are an important part of your daily life and if you are not consuming the proper amount of energy, then you can’t survive properly!

Now you should know that knowing about the exact amount of calories that you need to survive is not that difficult, but it is not an exact science too because of multiple reasons and factors on which the energy of a person depends on! But you should not worry because today we are going to tell you about the right amount of energy that is needed by your body to stay active! We can’t tell you the exact number but we will surely give the ideal range that you should follow in your daily life! Now this range of energy/calories that we will give you can help you live a very active and energetic life!

Minimum Calories Needed for Survival!

You should know the fact that you can’t survive with minimum calories for a very long time! A body cannot function without the proper intake of calories for more than a couple of days, and if the intake remains minimal, then it will surely collapse! So now that you know that life without proper calories is not sustainable it is time that you know that the requirement of calories totally depends upon the different factors including your age, your height, your exact weight, your activity level on a daily basis and then lastly and most importantly your gender because of the different biological requirements!

We will like to state here an important fact and report given by a very well-reputed and trusted organization! The intake of calories less than 1000 in the day has the same effects on the body that starvation has! So you should know that the calorie intake which is said to be minimal is way more than 1000!

Now we are going to tell you about the rough amount of calories for different age groups that will help you in getting the main idea of the consumption of calories! Now according to our calculation, females having a moderately active life lying in the age range of 25 to 50 should consume around 1800 calories in a day to be stated as a minimum! On the other hand, the moderately active men of the same age group should have a sure shot intake of more than 2200 calories per day, and this is the least amount of calories that we have stated above!

Now for the same age group but for a more proactive style of life the female gender should have more than 2000 calories a day and men, on the other hand, enjoying an active lifestyle should simply go with a minimum of 2600 calories in a day! Without this amount, a person will always feel low and weak, and this is not good for health in the long run!

A person can survive by taking around 1200 to 1500 calories in a day, but that is just the amount that will give you a bare survival! Here we will like you to read the effects of low calories on a person!

Negative Effects of Low Calories

Now you should know that the lesser the amount of calories in a day, the more will be the effects be negative on your body! It is a fact that you can’t deny that if you are not fueling your body well, then you are damaging your body and your brain! You should know that if your body is not getting the proper amount of carbs, fats, proteins, minerals, and other important vitamins, then you are going to suffer a lot in suffering from peak levels of work!

If you are not taking the proper amount of calories then you should know that the biggest effect on your body is what you really don’t see from the outside but will simply feel from the inside, your metabolism will collapse, and your body will get weak and start consuming the reserve fats which will result in fast loss of body weight! We would like you to know that if you are consuming low calories, then you are simply dragging the risk of muscle damage and bone fracturing to your body!

How Can You Calculate the Calories?

Well if you think that how can you keep track of your daily calorie intake or if you think that how many calories should I eat a day then you need to know about the calorie calculator. A calorie calculator is an online tool which will guide you about how many calories do I need or what should be the calorie per day intake! This calorie calculator is not only a guide but also a calculator that will help you in knowing the right amount of calories per day!

There are many calorie calculator tools online and a variety of calorie calculator apps available on the web that you can use to calculate and count calories simply! If you have zero experience with a calorie calculator, then don’t worry you can easily help yourself out because of the extremely user-friendly interface! We would like you to know that these calorie calculator apps and tools have a huge amount of database which will help you out in knowing about the calorie per gram value of the meals you are taking!

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  • When im on the trail i like my fats, Sometimes healthy sometimes a can o spam. I did a 19 mile hike 2 weeks ago. Took allot of tuna and trail mix. For dinner i had Organic tomato soup with instant you gonna die GMO rice, it was delicious. Oatmeal and peanut butter for breakfast and Sardines for lunch. Only thing sucks is all that oil in the hike out trash bag yuck!!!

    Thanks for the article, some good info but most of your info graphic meals are not prepper friendly nor hiking overnight trecking. Im not packing ice so i can have cottage cheese n berries im going with fozen jimmy deans sausage and instant muffin mix for muffin cakes.

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