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Natural Disasters

Floods are one of the hardest natural disasters to protect your home from. The sheer power of huge quantities of water is hard to

No matter how much flooding they say you should expect, always plan for a little more; something like eight inches more so your home

The idea of losing everything is one that we tend to ignore. Instead, we prepare as if everyone else will lose everything, but we’ll

We’ve all been hearing about the forest fires in California; a problem aggravated by drought and a lack of sufficient water for firefighters to

For some, there probably won’t be a return to normal. Those people will end up having to start over, either in the same place

The combination of the wind and rain is destructive, by flattening structures and flooding occupied areas. It's your decision: whether you bug-in or you

Many people don’t realize that the ultra-fine nature of volcanic ash means that it can travel for hundreds to thousands of miles fairly quickly.

The most annoying and disturbing fact about earthquakes is that they have the potential to strike anytime/anywhere, hence prepping for an earthquake should be

Recently, Southern California has been being hit by a spate of deadly mudslides. Video available online shows rivers of mud careening down streets, carrying

Thousands of homes in Puerto Rico were destroyed by the hurricane. There are a lot of lessons that you and I can learn from

With more potential weather disasters still threatening to thrash lives and properties, here’s how NOT to die during the bug out itself…

In a crisis situation, you’ll have to know how to use natural resources to produce your own electricity. Here is how to use mud!

Paris Climate Change Agreement was supposed to cost us $100 trillion. That's a huge price tag, that we're not going to pay anymore.

A high electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) will likely change the elements of your defense.
Can you see how?

Do you think there’s such a thing as being 100% prepped for a health emergency? I dare say we sure as hell try!