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Food Storage

Back in the day, people knew the importance of using what you had instead of always buying more. Because food was scarce, they didn’t

Before you commit to converting your cellar into a survival shelter, be sure you can keep out water and moisture. Here are 120 safe

Your seeds are next year’s lifeline, and a well-earned investment for this year’s hard work. Store them badly and they’ll rot, freeze, and die.

Most of us throw away a very valuable asset when we trim the fat from our meat. Are you making this mistake?

How do you keep food safely frozen in the winter, how do you store it, and what foods freeze well? Here are the answers

There are seven ways to Sunday that you can ruin meat while you’re smoking it. Save you time and money, and save wasting perfectly

We don’t need a disaster to find that we’ve made some major mistakes in how we stockpile for an emergency. These 9 errors can

What these hurricanes made me rethink was, not surprisingly, my stockpile. But not what’s in it, rather how protected is it from damage.

Worried about long-term solutions to refrigerating meat without power? Here are some tips that may help you get a bit more mileage before your

Canning is a satisfying end to all of your hard work if it works out well. Whether you’re making peach preserves or entire meals

Buy smart and be smart when stockpiling, because there are foods that you shouldn’t include in your long term reserve.

Unlike a farm garden that likely provides months, if not years, of food, urban preppers have to decide how much food will be necessary

If you find yourself in need of food after a disaster, learn your lesson: know where to find food by researching food sources in

Each region has foods that grow particularly well, as well as unique needs that may need to be met in order to allow for

There are many factors that can turn the food that is supposed to keep you alive into the thing that can kill you.