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If you are paying attention to the news cycle nowadays, you can see that it moves incredibly quickly, hence writing about current events is

Investing in food not only means that you’ll have something to eat; but that food can be used as trade goods, allowing you to

We definitely live in interesting times, and this may be a curse or a blessing. For the first time, the markets now expect the

We’re seeing something happening which goes far beyond anything that I or anyone else writing about preparedness foresaw. The cascading effect of disasters.

It appears by all accounts that we have finally succeeded in flattening the curve on COVID-19, although we are far from entirely dealing with

We know, there are a lot of ideas left unexplored, so if you want to help make the article complete, just leave us a

Governor Cuomo of New York, along with some of the other badly hit states have been announcing that they’ve hit the high point in

I’m not telling you to do anything that I haven’t done myself. If you look at my preps, there’s a lot of used gear,

Survivalists say cash won’t be any good in a disaster. I stay out of the business of predicting the future. Instead, I just try

Be sure to vote, and vote what your conscience tells you is the right way. Don’t just vote your pocketbook. Don’t just vote for

The problem isn’t that we ignore the potential of a financial collapse, it’s that we have an unrealistic idea of what it is. People

Nearly every person employed in the world’s financial industry I hold contempt for.  And the reason is very simple. They are, for the most

The vast majority that are looking to open their first retirement account, hit a problem that is global. Nearly every investable asset class is

This completes another one of Trump’s campaign promises, as well as the promise of many Republican lawmakers. Yet not everyone is happy with the

I hope (though am not hopeful) to convince many of you why investing in the stock market today is fundamentally stupid and on par