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The key to finding survival uses of ordinary things is to think outside the box, seeing what an item can do rather than what

Any situation we find ourselves in presents two options, rescuing ourselves or being rescued by others. This includes cases where our "rescue" is to

Some adversaries in the great outdoors are bees and dealing with them should not be a dangerous activity as long as you know and

Seed paper is often seen as a novelty item that can enable just about anyone to start a survival garden with ease.

The management and treatment of cold-related injuries should be conducted only by people that know what they are doing.

This article should provide you with all the knowledge needed to prevent body heat loss during your trips out in nature.

The Kit gun serves more roles than many other survival firearms. Be sure to consider your own needs before choosing one.

Teaching your child how to manage emergencies is very important as well as ensuring they know how these skills must be adapted for use

Every prepper, regardless of his situation, be it a result of natural disasters or getting lost in the wilderness, will have to face a

If you have ever wanted to detach from the structures of society and live completely “free” from the tediousness of everyday life, you are

Without following a few simple but essential safety rules, your own lack of respect for firearms can cause injury or death to your or

There is no getting around the fact that clothes aren’t as durable as they used to be. To add insult to injury, the cost

Starting a fire should be a primary skill for every survivalist or outdoors enthusiast because the ability to make a fire in the wild

In a world where the rule of law no longer applies, traveling from point A to point B becomes a difficult task, and you

In your devastated neighborhood, looters are heading to your house. What do you do next? Do you have the guts to make the right