Survival Story: 438 Days Lost At Sea… (Video)

What would a 14 months drift on the ocean mean in terms of survival? Salvador Alvarenga knows it. He is sharing his story for Survivopedia.

Product Review: Plug & Farm Tower

If you’re looking for a way to grow vertically in small spaces, this is it! I’m recommending it to any prepper interested to grow its own food.

DIY Projects: How To Re-purpose Old CDs 

What can we do with the zillions of CDs already in existence? Throw them away in the garbage can? Let’s see how to re-purpose them for your homestead!

How To Make Pemmican, The Ultimate Survival Food (Video)

I wanted to film this so that all of our readers here on Survivopedia can use this video tutorial to make their own pemmican. I hope you’ll enjoy the video!

Survival Garden: DIY Cold Frames

If you want to grow your own survival garden regardless of your climate (well, ALMOST regardless), keep reading folks.

DIY Projects: 4 Ways To Heat A Greenhouse 

Even if a greenhouse is an excellent environment for growing plants, stabilizing the temperature inside is of major importance to your crops.

How To DIY A Greenhouse: 9 Projects For Your Homestead

Today’s article is about the basics of DIY-ing your own greenhouse, the whole 9 yards in DIY for the self-conscious prepper.

Survival Skills To Learn From The Sailors

Sailors must face all kinds of dangers so they developed all sorts of survival skills, and I bet we can learn a thing or two from their experiences.

Prep Blog Review: Back To Basics Always Works

I am convinced that when technology will fail us, and it will, just give it time, going back to the roots will be the solution.

San Bernardino: Why Gun Control Laws Don’t Work

The same story plays over and over again; while Obama and the PC police prevent the truth from coming out and the real issues from being dealt with.

Prep Blog Review: Winter Is Coming

There might be no more gardening for us, but there’s still a lot to do around the house to make sure we’re safe and warm when the blizzards arrive.

How To Use And Train Dogs For Survival

In a SHTF scenarios there are extremely critical elements that change the perspective and dynamics of dog ownership quite seriously.

America’s Ever-Increasing Polarization

This is where our country has gotten to. While the rate of obvious division has increased under President Obama, that’s not where it began.

How The Russian Bear Mauls ISIS

A major shift in world power is playing out right before our eyes. If so, Obama will have truly accomplished the “fundamental change” he promised.

Prep Blog Review: A Homesteader’s Dream

Few things feel better for a true self-sufficient homesteader than mastering the skills necessary for producing, canning and stockpiling his or her own food.

Prep Blog Review: Hands On Survival Advice

It’s so much easier to start working on a new skills once someone showed me how to do it, or I’ve at least watched a video with a demonstration.