DIY Projects: How To Re-purpose Old CDs 

SVP re-purpose old CDs

What can we do with the zillions of CDs already in existence? Throw them away in the garbage can? Let’s see how to re-purpose them for your homestead!

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How To Make Pemmican, The Ultimate Survival Food (Video)

big pemmican

I wanted to film this so that all of our readers here on Survivopedia can use this video tutorial to make their own pemmican. I hope you’ll enjoy the video!

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Survival Garden: DIY Cold Frames

cold frame

If you want to grow your own survival garden regardless of your climate (well, ALMOST regardless), keep reading folks.

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DIY Projects: 4 Ways To Heat A Greenhouse 


Even if a greenhouse is an excellent environment for growing plants, stabilizing the temperature inside is of major importance to your crops.

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How To DIY A Greenhouse: 9 Projects For Your Homestead


Today’s article is about the basics of DIY-ing your own greenhouse, the whole 9 yards in DIY for the self-conscious prepper.

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Survival Skills To Learn From The Sailors

sailor skills

Sailors must face all kinds of dangers so they developed all sorts of survival skills, and I bet we can learn a thing or two from their experiences.

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Prep Blog Review: Back To Basics Always Works

prep blog review

I am convinced that when technology will fail us, and it will, just give it time, going back to the roots will be the solution.

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San Bernardino: Why Gun Control Laws Don’t Work

Gun laws

The same story plays over and over again; while Obama and the PC police prevent the truth from coming out and the real issues from being dealt with.

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Prep Blog Review: Winter Is Coming

Prep Blog Review

There might be no more gardening for us, but there’s still a lot to do around the house to make sure we’re safe and warm when the blizzards arrive.

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How To Use And Train Dogs For Survival

survival dogs

In a SHTF scenarios there are extremely critical elements that change the perspective and dynamics of dog ownership quite seriously.

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America’s Ever-Increasing Polarization


This is where our country has gotten to. While the rate of obvious division has increased under President Obama, that’s not where it began.

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How The Russian Bear Mauls ISIS

Russia Syria attack

A major shift in world power is playing out right before our eyes. If so, Obama will have truly accomplished the “fundamental change” he promised.

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Prep Blog Review: A Homesteader’s Dream

Prep Blog Review 10 Oct 2015

Few things feel better for a true self-sufficient homesteader than mastering the skills necessary for producing, canning and stockpiling his or her own food.

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Prep Blog Review: Hands On Survival Advice

Prep Blog Review Sept 11 2015

It’s so much easier to start working on a new skills once someone showed me how to do it, or I’ve at least watched a video with a demonstration.

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Dangerous Encounters: When Man Meets Shark


This proves that while travelling through the wilderness, or seashores, you have to know what might attack you so you could build up your defense.

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The End of 4th/A Liberty: Police Attack Drones Have Landed


There are “enough is enough” limits to what the American Free Citizen will take. Police usage of armed drones is much of a last straw to break people’s backs.

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