Basic Guide To A Secure Linux USB Drive

big usb

Do not be fooled into thinking that a computer will be useless in a crisis. Learn how to secure it for a safe usage!

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How To Easily Convert Your PC To Linux

convert pc to linux

For preppers that purchase items online, store manuals or connect with other survivors, switching to Linux may be one of a kind resource.

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A Preparedness Use for Old Hard Drives


If you have an old computer collecting dust, you can use the hard drive as a backup.
It’s super easy and doesn’t cost too much.

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Who’s Paying For The Net Neutrality?

net neutrality

The real issue is being hidden in a pile of red tape and legal mumbo-jumbo, then misreported in sound bites and cute catch phrases…

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Prepper Broadcasting: The Resource for Preppers

Survivopedia Prepper Broadcast network

Fabulous info, well-done podcasts and an entire site that is extremely user friendly.
Find out what this is all about!

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Protecting From Spying Eyes On Your Metadata


There are many different tools and precautions you can use to protect yourself when using the phone and Internet, but there is no guarantee they’ll be safe from the NSA.

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Networking For Preppers: Online Forums

Survival Forums Logos

Some areas have local survival groups you could network with, but if you’re having a hard time finding a local group, the internet is a fantastic resource.

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