California Wildfires: Lessons To Learn For Survival

Wildfires in California are forcing thousands to evacuate. Nevada is chocking from smoke, and large fires are reported in 12 states. What are we learning from it?

Solar Storms and Earthquakes – Science or Pseudoscience?

The sun causes us lots of problems too, between the ultraviolet light it emits and the frequent solar storms. The latest warnings confirm it.

North Korea’s Nuclear War Machine Ramping Up

The success of the missile test made on our Independence Day has suddenly made the threat from North Korea much more real. What’s next?

Remembering Our Independence

As we celebrate 241 years of independence, let’s remember the real meaning of the day that changed the history of the entire world.

Why Rich People Turn to Preparedness

America’s billionaires are buying entire islands and bunkers as they are getting into preparedness. Do they know something that we don’t?

How To Start A Repair Business

Want extra cash, to build a hobby, and develop your prepping skills – all at your own pace? Start a repair business? Here is how!

Bye-bye Climate Change

Paris Climate Change Agreement was supposed to cost us $100 trillion. That’s a huge price tag, that we’re not going to pay anymore.

In Memory Of…

Memorial Day is so much more than a day off work.
It’s our heroes’ day; and it’s a day of remembrance, and a day of tears.

Are We Headed For A Financial Collapse?

Preparing for a financial collapse is a complex undertaking, but it is one that we all need to do. The question is, are we ready for it?

4 Ways To Help Your Budget Survive Retirement

It’s never too late to start “saving for retirement”. If you do that, you’ll find retirement to be much more enjoyable. Start now!

How Would A World War Look Today?

Tensions between the great powers of the world are increasing. Will a third World War Happen? If it will, this is how it would look like.

Another Obamacare Repeal

Now that we’ve got the American Health Care Act, known as Obamacare Repeal, going through congress, what does this bill mean for us?

How Long Can You Survive Without Supplies?

Survival is about meeting your body’s needs. There is something more powerful than stockpiling that will help you survive. Find out!

Why A North Korean EMP Is Far From Fantasy

Everybody’s eyes are on North Korea now because the pot is boiling and expected to blow up. And if it does, it’s going to be huge.

Human Body Under Test: How Far Can You Really Go?

The human body is amazingly adaptable, able to survive in a wide range of conditions. Do you know what are your limits?

Why The Most Delicate Part Of Our Infrastructure Is The Grid

Major power outages are on the upswing and the loss of the electrical grid is the ultimate survival challenge. Are you prepared?