July 2017

Have you noticed the skyrocketing rate of homelessness that keeps growing since Obamacare and other harmful systems drain jobs, money, and energy from the economy?

Once the final blow comes that spells the beginning of large scale social collapse, the ability to find a shelter will be as scarce as food and water supplies.

Many preppers think they will be able to get into the woods and build shelters, or find some other means to avoid living exclusively outdoors. It will be even worse: a sheer number of problems might lead to illness and disability that will prevent you from building or effectively managing an existing shelter.

My great-grandfather lived to be ninety-nine years old and he grew up on a farm. He was born on a farm, and that’s what he did his entire life.

He ate wholesome foods and his family was completely self-sufficient. They had protein, dairy, eggs, vegetables, even fruit trees, and there wasn’t an artificial drop in it. There were no pesticides or preservatives. So what happened? How did we lose control of what we eat?

It didn’t happen overnight literally, but when you look at it historically, it kind of did. For thousands of years, we ate basically the same. Sure, we learned some things about hygiene and sea trade made it possible to transport herbs and spices, but it was all done the natural way.

Then BAM! The industrial revolution hit. We had electric refrigerators and freezers, and machinery that could process food on a commercial level. Farmland was covered in asphalt and most of us learned to survive in a city but forgot how to obtain the basic necessities on our own.

Suddenly, we were being fed instead of eating.

And it isn’t getting any better.

Before the primaries had even begun for the 2016 presidential election, an ultra-secret organization met in Telfs-Buchen, Austria.

There, amongst other pressing matters of business, they decided who should be the next American president. Looking at it in hindsight, it’s clear that their vote was for Hillary Clinton.

The fails of the group may not be over, but these are people with money and the influence that money can buy. We’re on the edge of the financial crisis and they will work to perpetuate it. Because when everyone else suffers, they become richer.