September 2016


One of the first things many people think of when they hear the word ‘garden’ is fresh tomatoes. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the aptly-named cherry tomato that is great in a salad or to just pop in your mouth, to the giant heirloom steakhouse tomatoes.

But now that you’ve got a garden full of them, what do you do to preserve them? You have many options!

Bartering Rules

In old times, people were exchanging goods, today we barter with paper money issued by the government. Whether people realize it or not, the bartering system is still alive and well. We do it every single day, when we go to the grocery store, the gas station, and when we pay the rent.

In a SHTF-type of scenario, paper money is completely and utterly useless. If you think that having a pig pile of supply will save you, think twice! You’ll still need to be able to barter with other survivors to get the supplies you and to survive.

55626091 - los angeles, ca - april 16, 2016: us democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton campaigns at southwest college, los angeles, ca

Social media has been alive and buzzing lately, with stories and speculation about Hillary’s health. Her coughing while on stage, coupled with the problems she had at the 9-11 memorial have led many to think that her health is much less than prime, with a strong chance that she has some serious problems going on.

The report of pneumonia just doesn’t ring true with a lot of people. Not only did the report come out late, after the speculation started, but the symptoms visible on the video footage don’t match up with a case of pneumonia. Some doctors are saying that they believe she has Parkinson’s Disease, based on that footage.

Whatever her medical condition is, does Hillary’s health really matter?


EMP is an important hazard to prepare for. It has the potential to disrupt critical infrastructure we depend on to sustain life, causing cascading effects of long duration over great areas.

EMP is not the only emergency that mankind should prepare for, but it is one of a handful of hazards that virtually everyone is enormously exposed to.

There is so much to do, and so little time. It’s easy to see why some of our readers ask themselves where to start from. 


Summer is gone, we are enjoying autumn days and heading to winter now. In many regions, this cold season brings snow, low temperatures, and plenty of harsh winds. You’ll need to take some extra steps this fall to ensure your livestock make it through winter in good condition.

Water, food, shelter and safety are essential for your livestock. Focus on these requirements and follow the next steps to prepare your livestock for the coming winter.