Prep Blog Review: Winter Survival

For some of us winter is already here so there’s little time to prep in case you haven’t already.

This week we’ve stumbled upon some great articles on how to be prepared for anything the cold weather might bring: from canning to heating or emergency situations. Just read on and let us know what you think and how you’ve prepped in the comments section below!

1. Food Storage Wisdom

Prep 1“A generation or two ago, families had the good sense to always maintain a good food storage program because they understood that bad things can happen to food supplies. At some point, America became complacent and assumed that there would never be a time when we couldn’t get in the car, drive to the grocery store or restaurant, and find exactly what we wanted in bountiful quantities at cheap prices.

That is not a good assumption. Now things are starting to return to a more sane idea that every family should have their own secure food storage plan. Food storage is still viewed as a somewhat quirky, semi-paranoid idea, but anyone reading The Southern Agrarian understands that it is a very wise move.”

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2. Emergency Heating: How to Create a Warm Room

Prep 2“How to Create a Warm Room

When the power goes out, the furnace goes down, or there’s no wood for the fire, what will you do to ensure a warm night without fear of freezing to death in your own home? Create a Warm Room. This quick and relatively simple emergency heating solution can make a big difference in the long run.

1. Pick a Room. Pick a room or location in your home or shelter that has the least windows and outside facing walls. This could be a bedroom, office, den, or even large closet if you aren’t uncomfortable with small spaces.”

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3. The Off Grid Winter Pantry – An American Homestead

“Jaimie walks us through the winter pantry as fall draws to a close. The main portion of the harvest is in and many have asked us to show what we have stocked up on. Still to come is the deer and sheep harvest. We have a lot of meat still to add.”

Video first seen on CCC4

This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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