Long Live the Farmers

Across Europe, there is a cold war brewing that most Americans have failed to either take an interest in or understand the importance of. Starting in the Netherlands, farm owners, workers, and their families have protested the government’s attempt to shut down their farms. This not only negatively impacts those who make their living cultivating the land, but the whole world, because the Netherlands is the second largest exporter of food in the world behind the United States. 

A report from January 2020 on the importance of the Netherlands’ agricultural prominence stated, 

“So why is the agricultural sector so important to our country?

For starters, about 600,000 people work in the agricultural sector. In addition to farmers, these people, for example, work at feed factories, slaughterhouses, transport companies, veterinary practices, or as scientific researchers. This makes the agricultural sector a significant employer in the Netherlands.”

This means, that not only does the country itself depend on dutch farmers to power the engine of their economy, but the European Union and trade partners all over the world would go hungry without it. That begs the question, would the government be trying to shut down this important part of their economy? 

The decision stems back to a 2019 decision by the Council of the State, the Netherlands’ highest administrative court, which ruled the country was violating EU law by not eliminating enough of their nitrogen levels in “vulnerable areas”. This meant the Dutch government had to take drastic steps to cut their nitrogen levels, reducing speed limits, and suspending infrastructure projects would do a little, but most of the savings would be made by cutting into the agricultural sector. 

ABC News reported, 

“Calling it an “unavoidable transition,” the government-mandated reductions in emissions of up to 70% in many places close to protected nature areas and as high as 95% in other places.

The EU sets these extreme goals, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, France, and almost every other member state is subject to the same standards, they are only relatively less affected due to more diverse economies. This has not prevented, however, the unrest and protest from spreading across the continent. 

Polish farmers were the first to join in the fight with their Dutch compatriots. 

Germany was next, being the Netherlands’ biggest trading partner this was predictable, as their farmers blocked roads protesting the EU’s totalitarian and undemocratic mandates. 

Italian Farmers created convoys of tractors, blocking roadways, to show their support for their fellow farmers and opposition to the EU. 

As this movement spread across Europe, back at ground zero things were escalating. The Dutch Government was not backing down from their suicidal plan, so the farmers kept pushing forward. 

As Reuters reported, the farmers started shutting down supermarket distribution centers, contributing to the empty shelves already plaguing even the richest nations around the world. In Lochem, about an hour and a half east of Amsterdam, the farmers sprayed manure at the city hall. 

In a concerning escalation, the police fired their weapons at an unarmed, 16-year-old kid, participating in the protest in his father’s tractor. 

The path the EU is trying to force their member states down is not a new one. Both Sri Lanka’s President and Prime Minister resigned earlier this month following the viral reclamation of the president’s house by protestors over his disastrous policies. PM Rani Wickremesinghe even admitted that the country was bankrupt, starving, and deprived of fuel. 

What went wrong in Sri Lanka? 

As the DailyCaller reported, 

“Sri Lanka’s economy collapsed after a ban on chemical fertilizers, intended to encourage environmentally-friendly organic farming practices, halved agricultural production so that the country was no longer self-sufficient. Global food shortages and a drop in tourism caused by the COVID-19 pandemic caused Sri Lanka to expend its foreign exchange reserves, forcing it into bankruptcy.

Hopefully, the European farmers can hold the line and prevent their countries from falling victim to the same ploy that brought Sri Lanka to its knees. If they can’t, not only will tens of thousands lose their livelihood, but tens of millions will go hungry without their agricultural exports.  

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  • Not to forget that not “the EU” makes the decision but all member states discuss between them and other branches what policies to implement.
    Often states push policies via the EU because they are unpopular and hard to implement in their state.
    So the EU takes the blame but did not come up with the regulations.

  • With the current levels of international uncertainty, do you see us revitalizing domestic agriculture and manufacturing, or doubling down on the growing system of globalized interdependence?

    • This is tyrannical & utter BS! Tell the elites to stop flying in their planes & helicopters & using their yatchs. Leave the farmers be. This is a orchestrated targeting for global food shortage & it needs to be stopped! We need to throw out our gvts & take back control of our Democracies! This is a crime against humanity! Wake up people! Stand up & say NO!

  • How about removing those politicians from office by any means necessary. You can bet that they and their families will not go without. Or you can sit around like little sheep and wait for them to kill you and your children, because that is what will happen. WAKE UP people. Stand Up, refuse to obey them or their silly laws that are only in place to destroy our world and enrich them. They are EVIL. Get Rid of Them.

    • Well said! You are absolutely right. Any means necessary – by force if it comes down to it. Visit their families, refuse service to their families in all businesses, ban their children from educational establishments. This should apply to the police too of course.

  • I say NO to governmental intervention, make it a No Fly Zone and their Bad gas will end.
    And their grocery shelfs will be Full

  • Those EU jackwagon leaders are destroying their entire economic system, and they know it. Those EU jackwagon leaders also know Hydrogen is a critical gas that helps to support life on earth, as is CO2, O2, and the other gasses, for which if there was none, there would be no life on earth. The farmers and anyone else who did their homework knows this.

  • Sounds to me there should be an uprising to throw out the ones imposing this insanity, an armed uprising if that is what it takes.

  • There are several folks out here who have the right idea. You others, whining about the elites doing stuff, go ahead and tell them TO STOP IT!!!! They will just continue laughing.

    How long are you going to wait? Until you are so weak you can’t fight back? Or just until, what’s happening around the globe finally sinks in. By then you won’t be able to fight back because you will have already allowed them to disarm you, and weaken you to the point of compliance.

    Wake up Americas…learn from the world. IT IS HAPPENING. And it will happen here. When will you wake up??? When all of us, who have been telling you for many years, are dead and not here to help you?

    Stop supporting the beast. Stop following unjust mandates/rules/laws. We did not authorize that mess. This is still our country until we quit fighting for it. And the more ground you give up….The more you have to recapture.

    In the name of the GOD of Abraham, who blessed this country to begin with. FIGHT BACK!!!!

  • I still blame overpopulation for a lot of the ills going on.

  • I think that 90 to 95 & of all the bullshit that they are allowed to put into our food. is the cause most of our illness period in thelast 25 or 30 years they have allowed 8o,ooo chemicals to be added to our food put the blame where it belongs the federal government