Tutorial: How To Build A Rotating Can Rack

We’ve all experienced it: digging through the cabinet looking for the green beans that are buried behind 5 cans of corn, chickpeas and vegetable soup. You sort the cabinets and try to keep things organized but it’s an act of futility. The corn just won’t stay with the corn!

Another issue that we often preach about here on Survivopedia is that it’s imperative that you rotate your canned goods. The oldest cans should always be at the front of the shelf so that you use those first. That way, you don’t have food going bad in the back of the cabinet. We found a cool tutorial that shows you how to solve both of these problems.

The plans are simple and even take into consideration your particular cabinet size so that you can customize the plans to work with the space that you have. The tutorial will maximize your storage space, keep your food organized and keep the oldest cans in the front of the cabinet so that you’re constantly rotating your food supply. Win, win, win!

Though these are made with cardboard, you could easily make them from wood if you’re so inclined. Food Storage Made Easy’s tutorial takes very little technical knowledge and all that you need is some cardboard, hot glue and gun, a measuring tape and a knife or scissors. Check it out here: How to Build a Rotating Can Rack.

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