EMP: Could it Start the Next War?


American military personnel were doubly surprised when the Japanese attacked the United States Navy, drawing us into World War II.

The first surprise was that the Japanese Navy, which was smaller than the U.S. Navy at the time, would attempt such an attack. The second surprise was that there was no follow-on invasion. With that successful an attack, it seemed certain that the Japanese would land troops and take possession of Hawaii. However, that wasn’t their plan.

{adinserter emp}The Japanese plan was simply to cripple the U. S. Navy, making the United States strategically irrelevant while they went on to complete their conquest.

They needed to keep the big kid on the block out of the fight, so that they could go on to complete their other objectives.

Their strategy was excellent, as long as it lasted; but as the admiral commanding their invasion stated, it would only keep the United States tied up for six months. Nevertheless, the Japanese Army and Navy had six months of resounding success.

Since World War II, the United States has played the part of being the world’s police. We have kept the bullies in check, sometimes more effectively than others. If we were taken out of the picture, the bullies could then restart their work, picking on smaller, weaker countries.

Leaving out the fact that our current leadership doesn’t inspire fear in any of our enemies, our military still does. Any of our many enemies knows the danger of our military might, should our country’s leadership ever let them loose; so you can be sure that any plans they are making, include taking out the U.S. military, before they do anything else.

So, what does all this have to do with EMP? Simple, the easiest way for any of our many enemies to disable the United States is through an EMP attack. One or two nuclear warheads, exploded above the atmosphere, could shut down the United States for months or even years. All Vladimir Putin has to do, if it looks like we are going to oppose his takeover of Eastern Europe, is send a few missiles our way, set for high-altitude burst.

Russia is only one of the countries we need to concern ourselves with. There are many other countries which I think we should be concerned about as well, such as Iran and North Korea. Both Iran and North Korea have made it extremely clear that they would like to drop a nuclear bomb on the United States. Am EMP might be an excellent way for them to do that.

Knowing the Damage Doesn’t Help If…

What is an EMP? Quite simply it is pure electromagnetic energy from a nuclear explosion. When a nuclear explosion happens above the atmosphere, there is nothing to turn the energy created by that explosion into kinetic energy; therefore, it all goes out in its original form, as electromagnetic energy. That energy is enough to fry electronics of all types, unless it is properly shielded.

There are two ways in which an electromagnetic pulse can attack electronic devices. The first is by taking advantage of the fact that any electronic circuit acts to some extent like an antenna. When the electromagnetic pulse hits it, it overloads the circuitry, burning out components. Equipment can be protected from this by building cases that shield the delicate electronics inside and then making sure that the cases are adequately grounded.

The second way is by hitting electrical power transmission lines and becoming absorbed by them. That electrical spike then travels down those lines and overloads equipment in the form of an electronic spike. Putting a surge protector in the power line can theoretically help protect equipment from this second type of EMP damage, but in reality the amount of current passing down the line will more than likely burn right through any protection that a surge protector might offer.

There is little equipment that is protected in both of the ways that I just mentioned. Many people think that they are protected, just because they have installed a quality surge protector. Nothing can be farther from the truth. There is very little equipment that is protected from an electronic surge and almost all of it is owned by the armed forces.

Even if the military were to survive such an attack with their equipment operating, their communications would be damaged. They depend heavily on the Internet for their communications, which is not protected from EMP attack.

There’s another problem which the military faces, in the event of an EMP. That is, the civilian infrastructure that the military depends upon would be destroyed by the EMP. So, as soon as the military runs out of the supplies that are in their warehouses, they would end up coming to a halt, because the civilian industrial complex wouldn’t be able to keep up with their needs.

While the military may have some problems with an EMP attack, that is nothing compared with the problems that the civilian population will be faced with. EMP destroys solid state electronics; that includes anything that is computer controlled or has electronic circuit boards in it. So essentially all of the electronic equipment we depend upon daily will be destroyed. There will still be some electrical devices which will continue to work, such as electric motors, but the devices that control them will be destroyed.

In other words all the equipment that controls electrical power generation and distribution, water purification, communications, distribution and just about every aspect of our lives, will be destroyed. The only electrical devices that will still work will be those that are so simple that they can’t be damaged by the EMP.

This will put the manner in which we live back by somewhere around 150 years, to times when the motive power of the United States of America came from horses and oxen. We will no longer be able to use much of what we are used to using on a daily basis.

Of course, such widespread destruction will take months or even years to repair. If the EMP attack is made as a precursor to a larger attack, you can be sure that everything the enemies have planned will be completed. While we may recover, it won’t be to a world we know, but to a world which others have changed around us.



This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • I never hear mention what the next step would be after the EMP was launched by the launching country. Why launch the EMP if you are not willing to follow it up with invasion or worse, actual nuclear weapons that we would be hard pressed to defend against with the grid down? Grant it the radical Islamist would be happy with just the EMP and the damage it would cause, but any major country would have an end game in place and a reason for an EMP launch. If they didn’t I don’t see the advantage they would gain because the whole worlds economy would instantly collapse. Plus they realize that we would still be able to launch retaliatory strikes, though it might take a little longer with the grid down.
    Of course you can never factor in what a madman would do.

    • Just wait for a year or so before attacking as many will die off and it will make an invasion much easier.

      • Maybe just to piss off people, like 9-11 or boston bombing, or pearl harbor.

  • No nuclear bombs in Iran now, Bill, and there won’t be any in the futiure.
    Don’t believe the Tel Aviv propoganda.

    • Don’t be so naive, Russia is siding with Iran and China, they want our natural resources and obama has positioned himself well with the muslim community he even has them on staff.

      • Neither Political party in this country cares about the middle class look at the past presidents Bush, Clinton, Old man Bush, Regan, Carter ETC
        they all have one objective line there pockets with money, & take care of there wealthy friends,

    • Is it true that old tube radios can survive EMP?

      • I believe that is correct, this is why the Soviet Union many years ago, carried on with valve technology for all their armed forces even in aeroplanes while the west laughed up its sleeves at them being so ‘primative’. For a while there in the 90s, the only place to buy valves was Russia after we moved to ‘solid state’.

        • Or ebay. There are still many around, of all types.

    • Shalom, M-F.

    • Go back to your kool aid geo , no need for your stupid remarks here !!

    • geo , go back to your kool aid, no need for your stupid remarks here !!

  • Our doctrine should be to first turn North Korea and Iran to glass upon any strike and the investigate for further targets. The enemies within though have led to this dire state and believe they will all rule together over all who are left in a new world order of one global government without Almighty God, these fools think they will prevail at Armagddon good luck with that!

  • The problem is EMP’s are not that powerful to wipe out all the US. Sure in a 100 mile area the effects will be devastating. However, outside will not be effected. The biggest problem with EMP’s is that the Earth sucks. The energy is literally removed from the atmosphere into the earth. Thus the law of exponential returns takes place. So yes it will be horrible in the areas affected like major cities but 100 to 150 outside you would not even notice it unless it trips the grid. But even that can be stopped by disconnecting the power sources to the cities affected.

    • Wishful thinking, Theresa. Although you are correct for low level nuclear hits (on a city, etc.), that is not the case for high altitude explosions, well above the surface. A large device detonated at high altitude (250 to 300 miles) above the surface, over the central plains (Kansas) would affect all of the continental US. That’s the whole point of an EMP strike.

      • Wouldn’t it be weaker if higher up, by the law of inverse squares?

      • “The biggest problem with EMP’s is that the Earth sucks.”

      • I performed a study 40 years ago on this exact subject, and I’m pretty sure the laws of physics haven’t changed. A high level detonation would be too weak to be effective, yes, due to the law of inverse squares. You would need to have relatively low level detonations, and again yes, the earth “sucks”. For instance, when lightning gets ready to strike, you can see “tentacles” of ionized atmosphere rise up from the surface of grounded objects (including the earth itself). That is because a strong electromagnetic field will produce a massive oppositely charged field in the earth. The opposing “poles” try to equalize, thus the earth tends to “suck” up the potential between the two, i.e. electricity flows into the earth.

        • A high level detonation is exactly what is needed. The gamma rays would hit the atmosphere and the electrons then would get deflected sideways by the earths magnetic field increasing the effective range of their effect on the electrical grid. All of this was already tested in the sixties and the Russians of course had a lot of destruction in their own country when they tried it.

        • So, no worries with solar flares either? What about all those fragile comm sats orbiting ole blue that we’ve come to depend on? Still no worries?

  • I can see the banking cartel(FED,IMF)doing something like this and blaming it on another country.

  • Don’t worry about another country, the current regime itself will likely do it, or is having it done to finish his “fundemental transformation” of America. Prepare for “Little House on the Prairie” living. (**In 90 days, up to 90% of population will be dead)

  • The best protection against EMP you can have for yourself is a lightning rod – – – the higher according to local ordinances, the better. Check with your local government for permits. Where I live, no permits are required. Instead, lightning rods are encouraged by my city. Be sure the rod is grounded deep enough to reach the water table below you. Otherwise, ground the rod to the local power ground.