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Disaster Scenarios

The current pandemic is absolutely no joke, and we have no idea what the future will bring, and if the second wave will be

That’s the risk we all face. We have to see if the masses of people out demonstrating and rioting are going to cause an

We need to get used to the idea that this isn’t a temporary measure. We need to upgrade our thinking. The idea that this

We don’t want to be caught unaware. That is why we have to start learning survival skills that will help us cope if we

What if this disease was worse? What if we hadn’t had the lockdown and we were looking at hundreds of thousands dead by now;

People are tired of being shut-in. Protesters in some states are making that message clear, telling their governors that it’s time to open the

There’s no way of knowing if we will have the same problem or not; but looking at the grocery stores over the last few

A 14-day quarantine is not going to put a stop to the disease. There are a significant number of cases where the incubation period

As the Coronavirus pandemic grows, governments around the world are scrambling to understand and deal with the threat to society that the pandemic has

We pride ourselves on being ready for anything. We stockpile food and other critical supplies; learn first-aid, fire starting and have a plan for

While the devastation of a city is bad, the larger asteroids (over 2 km in diameter) would have a worldwide impact. But what sort

Climate Change is the concern that too much of an increase in the world’s overall temperature will have drastic effects on the climate, serious

Projects constructed with sandbags are for short term use because modern sandbags are made of polypropylene and sunlight causes them to start falling apart.

When SHTF, such as getting stuck in a cave, in an unfamiliar and not very friendly environment, the number 1 thing to worry about

See, there aren’t many situations in “the current year”, at least in the “first world”, where you can contemplate the possibility of mass casualties.