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Disaster Scenarios

In the intricate tapestry of Earth’s history, the threads of life have been woven with a delicate balance, punctuated by several catastrophic events that

The recent fires in Hawaii were surely a nightmare scenario. While there were obviously people to blame for what happened, especially people in their

In an unpredictable world, there’s a quiet strategy that countless households employ, offering them a semblance of security and readiness: stockpiling. From severe weather

We’ve all heard the climate change alarmists and their predictions of doom. Silent Spring, the book that I personally think really launched the climate

I firmly believe that when facing a SHTF event, the cataclysmic incident may not pose the biggest threat but rather the behavior of the

The world is an uncertain place, and the recent pandemic drove home the vulnerabilities many have. Finding creative ways to relieve yourself without toilet

Evacuating a big city in the event of a natural or manmade disaster is a logistic nightmare for local authorities, and due to the

Regardless of one's political stance on global warming, it's undeniable that it is taking place right now, and it is impacting our daily lives.

The military term OPSEC has been adopted by the prepping community to denote the actions we take to keep friends and neighbors from knowing

In the last decade or so, it seems that a lot of people became aware of the need for a survival plan, and this

There are always TEOTWAWKI survival scenarios that capture the survival community’s imagination. For a number of years that’s been an EMP, although back around

In recent American history, there have been times when we all believed that our actions would bring the end of humanity as we know

Long-distance travel could become extremely difficult and dangerous in a SHTF scenario. Food, fuel and other essentials would be scarce. Traffic laws would no

The world has had many near-SHTF scenarios in the last few years, including a global pandemic, a spike in natural disasters and a widespread

The war in Ukraine keeps marching on, with more than 7 months of fighting to date. Even so, Russia is doing rather badly at