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After all, when it comes to “salt or sugar” for survival, the answer is that both are important, yet salt has more survival uses

Following “backlash” (just kidding) from our readers after one of my recent articles about eating bugs for survival, I’ve decided to dive deeper into

In a survival scenario, food should be regarded more as a fuel than as a food, and your disaster supplies should contain high-quality foods.

Regardless of how many knives you carry, choose good quality knives as well as accessories such as sharpening stones and suitable carrying cases.

No matter when you look at the news these days, there are endless stories about food recalls as well as ones about people that

As the name suggests, Pink Himalayan salt is light pink in color, comes from the Himalayan mountain range and contains more than 80 trace

Today, many people that look at this list of “deadly plants” will do everything in their power to uproot them or avoid learning more

Dogs are excellent hunting companions. They provide assistance in hunting, protect their owners in the wild and can also retrieve small birds and animals.

If you’re facing a short-term emergency, lose power, or need to bug-out, your kit will keep you going while you get yourself where you

Many different plants can be started this time of year. Planting in the fall helps seeds to become established before the cold winter weather

No matter whether you grow vegetables or herbs, they must have the proper amount of water for their needs in relation to the area

Hunting with your dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a dog owner. It builds up a great bond between you

Your survival will depend on your ability to gather and produce your own food. You can’t let pests overrun your garden, as you need

Learn how sunflowers can be used for food, managing illness, and for making items that may be difficult to manufacture from other resources.

100% artificial foods: What can we eat that will not lead to serious illness now as well as in a time of major crisis?