What We Have Till Now: Trump’s First Days In Office

Trump First Days

Trump’s first days in the office mark the beginning of a new era in our history. Four executive orders have already been signed. What’s next?

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Conflicts of Interest. Is This Real?

Conflicts Of Interest

Trump’s presidency is unique as he was a businessman his entire life. Is he going to successfully prevent conflicts of interest?

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A New Era In Foreign Relations

Foreign relations

Under Trump, a new era in foreign relations begins. The world needs a strong America so, will we regain our place in world leadership?

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Is The Division In Our Society Permanent?

Divided America

Unity is harder to create than divisiveness. Can we get back to a unified front or is the United States destined to remain divided?

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Finally… The Electoral College Votes

67143324 - the vote of the electoral college in the united states

The Electoral College voted. The results are already in and unofficially we now know that Donald Trump has officially won the election.

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Here, On The Other Side

Donald Trump

After over a year of divisive political campaigning, Donald Trump has won the elections, but is he capable of uniting us once again?

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