January 2018

Recently, Southern California has been being hit by a spate of deadly mudslides. Video available online shows rivers of mud careening down streets, carrying cars along in the flow. Twenty people have been confirmed killed and 28 injured, with 8 more people unaccounted for at the time of this writing.

While not on the top of most people’s disaster risk checklist, mudslides are extremely dangerous. We can see that by looking at what is happening in California. But as mudslides go, these have been rather minor. In 2010, a mudslide swallowed an entire town of 300 homes in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, as people slept in their beds.

Rescue efforts were hampered by damage to the roads, which had to be cleared before workers could get to the town.

Mudslides, like avalanches, can happen very quickly, giving little to no notice. But that doesn’t mean that we never have any idea that a mudslide can occur. Certain conditions are required to cause a mudslide and those are well understood.

Before you even begin comparing a bare bones Springfield Mil-Spec 1911-A1 Pistol with an upgraded version it is important to know what purpose you have for the gun. Invariably, some upgrades are more suited for self defense while others are better for target shooting.

If you don’t know how each upgrade changes the gun’s capacity to shoot accurately, reliably, or in small groups, it is all to easy to wind up with a weapon that doesn’t meet your needs. Have a look at some of the most common upgrades and how they change the functionality of the base weapon.

For the last year, tensions have been running high between the United States and North Korea. Increased missile testing by North Korea, with each generation of missiles being more capable than the last, has turned the age-old North Korean threats of nuclear war into a reality that can’t be ignored. Government officials at all levels are renewing emergency plans for nuclear war.

In this, we have returned to the Cold War with the now-defunct Soviet Union. The threat of thermonuclear war, between what were then the world’s two superpowers, caused emergency agencies to stay on their toes, ever watchful for a missile launch that could indicate the end of the world. That sort of watchfulness has once again become real in organizations like NORAD and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

To be blunt, forthright and direct, I loathe the finance industry.

I loathe financial advisors, I loathe mortgage brokers, I loathe mutual fund managers, I loathe investment bankers, I loathe regular bankers, I loathe commercial lenders, I loathe certified financial advisors, and I loathe certified financial planners.  Nearly every person employed in the world’s financial industry I hold contempt for.  And the reason is very simple.

They are, for the most part, immoral human beings.

Be you an institutional investor, a pensioner looking at your retirement portfolio, or a young 20 something looking to open your first retirement account, a problem facing all investors globally is that nearly every investable asset class is overpriced.

Due to:

  • previous generations investing trillions of dollars into their pensions and retirement plans over the past four decades,
  • central banks across the globe tripling their respective money supplies,
  • as well as China’s economic success creating an investor class bidding up asset prices globally.