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There are many different answers to survival questions, but having a bag packed and ready if staying home isn't an option is an excellent

Do the best you can to make your shelters, storage areas, and common buildings like a bank vault, defeating them before they even try.

There's a greater need for apartment dwellers to prepare. They don't have the resource advantage that someone living in suburbia has.

Access to a stocked survival shelter means the difference between life and death in an emergency. Unfortunately, your safe spot is only as good

Our understanding of disasters and the risks we face have expanded. We now have a whole plethora of disaster scenarios we study, seeking out

Planning for an escape route is mandatory. Every bug-out plan being built is a task of personal nature, and it requires ample knowledge of

Staying prepared is the best shot at survival. For being prepared, you have to know the risks, make the plan, & build the stockpile

If you aren’t sure about driving an RV, you can take courses that can help you learn in a safe environment and improve your

Remember that a base camp doesn’t have to be complex and you don’t need a tone of resources to make it work. You need

History has shown us that panic can trigger a profound state of dysfunction that leaves a person incapable of acting, stilling their every instinct

I learned that it pays to have an exit strategy with triggers to set your plans into motion. This is a correct principle of

The increasing number of wool and cotton blend fabrics makes it difficult to figure out which ones are better in terms of reducing fire-related

Hanna wasn’t much of a hurricane, as hurricanes go. I’ve lived through worse. We never really know how bad a hurricane is going to

Rather than finding new ways to pack your EDC gear, we’re going to put it all together in a kit that can be swapped

The most important thing to take away from all this is to be ready for anything. No one starts as a survival gear expert.