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We all have that one person who we always struggle to find the perfect Christmas gift for. If that person is a prepper, that

I’m sharing the knowledge of over 40 years of being a survivalist so you can protect yourself and your family, when the inevitable disaster

What if I was to tell you that you don’t have to spend a fortune and you don’t have to buy every single piece

There are resources that can prove invaluable for survival – things that you can recycle, collect, or repurpose into useful tools and bargaining chips.

A backpack full of carefully selected gear can be a huge asset in a survival ordeal. There has been a huge emphasis on bugout

There are four options for what we should do when we get to our survival retreat, assuming that none of us are willing to

Making a decision to stay, or “bug in”, versus leaving or “bugging out” to a perceived safer area is not always an easy one

Always keep in mind that you're prepping for what can happen; not just for what you think is likely to happen.

Regardless of the disaster type, you will always find yourself looking for simple solutions. During these times, you may be inclined to look around

You’re going to need to get out and on the road as quickly as possible. By organizing yourself and making a quick plan, you

When traveling to high heat climates you should consider wearing clothing that is lightweight, loose-fitting, and with colors that are on the lighter side

Preppers are usually prepared for a whole host of things, including being able to live out in the open, make temporary shelter, keep warm

Early pioneer living has held a special meaning in America. From their first arrivals in the states of Virginia and Massachusetts, early pioneer American

Shelters can be built even at homes without a basement. Shelters do not need complicated air filtration systems to protect against fallout.

It will be to your advantage to have a shelter for personal and family safety. If you try to hide your activities, there is