Whether you’ve been a prepper for years or you’re just getting into it, you likely spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying everything nature

The push for renewable electricity is taking us on some crazy turns. One of those has been the wildfires in California. Money that should

I firmly believe that when facing a SHTF event, the cataclysmic incident may not pose the biggest threat but rather the behavior of the

Back in 1972, the science fiction author, Isaac Asimov, wrote what has come to be known as “the Three Laws of Robotics.” It was

The world is an uncertain place for everyone these days, and the future can be especially daunting for older folks. Still, everyone must be

The several types of compasses that survivalists and outdoorsmen most often carry can be divided into two general categories: larger (generally) land navigation compasses

The world's eyes are currently fixated on the unprecedented spectacle of a former U.S. president, Donald Trump, under arrest. Trump stands accused of an

There’s nothing quite as amazing as loading up your boat and getting out on a nearby lake or the open seas. However, regardless of

The last few years have been interesting at best. Starting with the pandemic, we’ve seen disaster after disaster strike not only our country, but

The popular phrase "location, location, location" is often used by real estate hustlers to stress the impact that a property's location can have on

The world is an uncertain place, and the recent pandemic drove home the vulnerabilities many have. Finding creative ways to relieve yourself without toilet

For a generation and a half, young people have lived their lives free from the specter of nuclear attack. People were not compelled to

I was working with a friend who is an amply qualified survival subject matter expert on improving a piece of content last year that

There have been at least 22 high pucker factor nuclear close calls so far. Today, China is building a nuclear arsenal, building artificial islands

The bug-in/bug-out debate has been around the block a few times in the prepping and survival community. Most people today say that its best