Surviving in the wild requires you to be functional, and you will reach your destination only if you take into account both the expected

How important is it to carry a light source? If you are trapped in a building without light or even just a dark night,

2020 has taught us that disasters don’t come in neat little packages, totally isolated and presented to us one at a time so that

When I was young, I took a career exploration class and learned that the average American spends more time planning a vacation than choosing

If you have one of these professions, there will always be a place reserved for you in a survival group, and you will become

It seems like none of the big companies out there are seeing this, so they’re not taking advantage of it. That leaves the opportunity

Avoid touching your mouth, nose, ears, and face, wear your mask, practice social distancing as much as possible, and wash your hands frequently.

People live and work closely together daily, but when SHTF, all these people you’re used to will surely become a danger and a threat

Maybe we’ll be able to send our kids back to school. It may end up being that we, as a society, opt for distance

Keeping a certain distance between you and a certain threat will increase your chances of survival, but things are not always as easy as

According to John Leach, 80% of disaster victims freeze up in emergencies, taking no action at all. Having a plan makes you three times

And while there are plenty of books and resources on the Internet that tell you how to “do” off-grid living, there isn’t a whole

No matter what the SHTF event might be, if it becomes a threat to the physical integrity and overall, the well-being of your family,

If you aren’t already armed, you should be. If you don’t have enough ammo, buy some more. Spend enough time at your local shooting

Social distancing, or stay-safe-at-home, has been the clarion call for most governments and health organizations all over the world for the better part of