The information provided in this following article is an excellent starting point for every prepper that needs to find his way into emergency preparedness.

There are always things that come along, which require changes to the best of plans. But having a plan helps you decide what things

People that start to prepare know there are dozens of things they need to buy and that they should do it ASAP to make

Right now, I’m not talking about being prepared for a TEOTWAWKI event; but rather, being prepared for the personal disasters which happen in our

Before you end up growing a sustainable garden or establishing a bartering system with other survivalists, you must survive the first week on your

I remember that every good lie is based upon a grain of truth. So I have to accept that there is a grain of

Dreaming about your off-grid life might provide you with a nice escape from your office cubicle, it won’t help you get any further towards

Emergency preparedness is not a hobby, and it’s not a seasonal activity, but a lifestyle that we choose to have and that will

While the devastation of a city is bad, the larger asteroids (over 2 km in diameter) would have a worldwide impact. But what sort

Prepping can get a bit complicated, with all of the specialized gear on the market. Survival doesn’t require all these items, even though they

It's been 32 days since America's grid has collapsed. No one knows how long 'til they get the power flowing again. Lone thugs hit

Building various types of campfires may not be required if you’re once a year camping enthusiast. But learning how to build campfires will make

Climate Change is the concern that too much of an increase in the world’s overall temperature will have drastic effects on the climate, serious

Every year, millions of Americans choose to leave the concrete jungle behind and go on an adventure to discover and explore the great outdoors.

Projects constructed with sandbags are for short term use because modern sandbags are made of polypropylene and sunlight causes them to start falling apart.