Some of the best shooters I have met over the years were leg amputees, paraplegics, or individuals using wheelchairs or walking aids.

Survival is also going to require us to push harder and longer than we're used to. The physical strain of survival is likely to

Procuring food in the wilderness will always pose a problem for the inexperienced gatherer or hunter, and it may take quite a few tries

Whether you boat for work, transportation, or play, boating is an inherently dangerous environment, so I hope you find a pointer or two here

Make yourself a plan and stick with it as much as possible so that your family's survival shelter will meet your needs without becoming

If you have spent any time at all in a vehicle, you know that cramped spaces can make for complications you may not have

The perfect hideout won't look the same for everyone, but they'll have the same purpose. Your primary goal is to keep you and your

Even if you're not the world's best handyman, make sure you've got some basic tools, hardware, wire, duct tape, and superglue.

Learning how to clean up after a rodent infestation is an important skill, no matter whether you live in an apartment, your own home,

The arctic blast that blanketed the United States has hit Texas particularly hard. Being a warm state, Texas doesn't see much cold weather.

I'll share what I've learned about feeding my flock. I'll also discuss some ways to maintain chickens in a self-sufficient manner and feed your

There are many different answers to survival questions, but having a bag packed and ready if staying home isn't an option is an excellent

Many herbs and plants have powerful medicinal properties and are relatively easy to grow. In a pinch, that can be the difference between life

Maintaining a small garden and chickens is critical. You can stockpile supplies and seeds, so you're ready to scale when catastrophe strikes.

Do the best you can to make your shelters, storage areas, and common buildings like a bank vault, defeating them before they even try.