You need to program your mind so that you minimize distractions, set your ground rules, put up a functional space, and leverage technology to

Throughout the films, they weren’t a team, they were, to put it in Bruce Banner’s words, “What are we, a team? We’re a chemical

The coastline can offer various options for the survivalist, and if I would personally have the chance to select such a survival location, I

The idea of a large asteroid, along the lines of what is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, was a favorite

If you live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes, you probably don’t want your cache on the other side of a river, with

Our ancestors stored food and carried the tools they needed to make shelter and fire for sound reasons. They knew where the food came

In a high-stress environment such as a motorbike accident, plenty of people forget to take important details that will be needed for insurance purposes

Every prepper must plan for a survival retreat or a bug out location since this is the most logical and safest way to go

If a crisis, regardless of its nature, prolongs more than people were prepped for, chaos will engulf cities, and possible hostile elements will be

When a natural disaster occurs, bugging out may be the only logical and proper decision you can make since it is the only thing

If you’re looking at the possibility of flooding, taking the right actions will help you to get your home back, regardless of what Mother

Once you can generate heat to boil water, you can make electricity. You cannot generate enough electricity to power a 100-watt bulb using just

I’ve been a preparedness instructor, consultant, and survival writer for 20 years. But these mistakes just keep coming up. No matter which crisis we

Surviving in the wild requires you to be functional, and you will reach your destination only if you take into account both the expected

How important is it to carry a light source? If you are trapped in a building without light or even just a dark night,