“My Prepper Story” Contest Ends With A Bang!

We asked for great survival, prepping, homesteading and off-grid living stories from you and we got them! Here are the winners!

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Prepared Granny’s Story

Over 30 years ago, my husband and I decided that we needed to become more self-sufficient and we began our journey.

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Sonny B.’s Story

My story starts with a business trip that put me in South Central Los Angeles on Wednesday April 29, 1992.

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Bill F.’s Story

Most preppers know they need a “Bug-Out” place for when things start to happen. A person is very fortunate if they already live in such a place.

“My Prepper Story” Contest – JS’s Story

My Prepper story is one still in the making. It all started with my Mother-in-law, that’s right, my Mother-in-law….

“My Prepper Story” Contest – John’s Story

I thought it made so much sense to prepare …… it was obvious that the world was about to end, when the computers wouldn’t reset themselves.

“My Prepper Story” Contest – J. Z.’s Story

Are we finished? No. There is so much more that we want to do yet. My husband is currently researching power options…

“My Prepper Story” Contest – David’s Story

Two years ago someone told me that they were preparing for a catastrophic event, they did not elaborate but did mention a planet called Nibiru…

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Chuck’s Story

I think of Noah and the disbelievers who would not get on the boat. I have the same problem in my own family.

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Jim’s Story

I read about saving foods, and how bullets would someday become a form of currency. I didn’t believe what I read, but it got me to thinking about things.

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Wayne’s Story

I’m a disabled Vietnam veteran who developed a penchant for the out-of-doors, self-sufficiency, and service at a very early age.

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Susan’s Story

Our city was getting a lot of rain and spring run off from the mountains as well. The city water system was being overwhelmed.

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Robert’s Story

We felt that although our resources are limited, we needed to start somewhere. Our plans are to “bug-in” since I’m older in years…

“My Prepper Story” Contest – Mary’s Story

A few years ago, before I heard about preppers, I was a prepper.
There was a storm that knocked out the power to our neighborhood…

“My Prepper Story” Contest: G.H.’s Story

I become a citizen of this so called great Nation about 10 years ago. I was then told by my uncle that America isn’t what I think it is…

“My Prepper Story” Contest: Elizabeth’s Story

For me I saw the writing on the wall when the world was worried about Y2K. I started thinking about how our world would be without computers…