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    The Financial Challenge of Self-Reliance
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    Top Preserved Foods to Survive Winter
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    The Best Survival Shelter on the Budget
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    When Nature Predicts, Learn to Read the Signs

A Prepper’s Story: The Financial Challenge of Self-Reliance

self reliant

Being self-sufficient may save money, but how expensive is to change your life?

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Good News… or Not Such Good News?


Apparently Attorney General Eric Holder decided it was about time he did something for the American people… so he announced his resignation.

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Top Preserved Foods to Survive Winter

BIG Food

Soon you’ll need to stockpile enough food to get you and your family through the winter… and here’s what you need to know!

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How to Make Beer at Home from Scratch

BIG Beer

Once you get the basics and understand the science, the world is your brew-toy. Enjoy!

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Prep Blog Review: Surviving a Medical Disaster

Prep 1

As much as we wished we didn’t have to say this, it seems the Ebola outbreak is far from ending and it’s actually only getting worse.

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How to Build the Best Survival Shelter on a Budget

earthbag house

There’s a reason why the military uses earthbags to make bunkers in emergency situations: the cheapest survival shelter is also the best.

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When Nature Predicts, Learn to Read the Signs

BIG Weather

In a post-SHTF world, your local weatherman won’t tell you what’s up so knowing to read nature’s signs to predict weather can save your life.

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Small Car Fixing on a Survival Budget

BIG fix car

Whether you wind up living in it, or you have many things to carry to a new location, keeping your vehicle fit and running is very important.

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Sending the Military to Battle Ebola? Is this for Real?

banner_fighting ebola

Is the president writing off the lives of those servicemen and women, to look good or is he being a visionary?

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Back to Basics: Making and Canning Homemade Butter

BIG butter

What happens when SHTF and you can’t buy this kitchen staple? Nothing, if you’re a good prepper…

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4 Easy Ways to Purify Water Off Grid

Big water

Unlike food, we can live without water for just a few days. In an extremely hot environment; days can be cut to as little as just a few hours…

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Prep Blog Review: Is Your Fortress SHTF Ready?

Prep Review

When SHTF this is where we’ll either bug in or head to when we bug out into the wilderness, so it makes perfect sense to pay extra attention to it.

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