So Many Ways For Preppers To Use Old Medicine Bottles

pill bottle

When you throw away pill bottles, you are throwing away one of the most valuable prepping materials in your home.

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Prep Blog Review: 2016 Survival Assessment (So Far)

pbr july 23

Venezuela is a study case. Riots can be found anywhere from US, to Turkey. Theorist attacks are scarier than ever. What are you prepping in what’s left of 2016?

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Stories To Learn From: WWII Survival On The Home Front

8655488 - us army soldier

During WW2, on the home front, we were all Americans. We were all in this together, and we intended to win. We never felt alone, and we survived as a community.

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10 Ways Preppers Can Reuse Old Light Bulbs


You have light bulbs in your stockpile, or still use them around the house. Here are easy ways to repurpose them and advance your prepping goals at the same time.

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Trusting The Government… A Tenuous Thing

white house

The types of people who are drawn to that power aren’t the types we should give it to. Then, when we the people, are hurt by our governments.

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How To Make Clay Pots For Survival


You can make them in any size that you need, and clay pots are used for everything, and many prepper projects can be based on using clay pots.

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4 Ways The Anti-Gun Movements Supply Crime And Terrorism


As the anti-gun movement demand disarmament, their very own rhetoric creates more innocent victims among people of color, and among civil servants.

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Gun Control: A Holocaust Against Our Soldiers And Veterans


When people trained to defend us with guns are called incompetent to own and use guns, an abuse is made by those who sent them off to war.

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Prep Blog Review: 5+ SHTF Facts


That’s what we’re all prepping for, thinking of and questioning about. Here are the latest findings on survival websites and blogs.

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13 Multi-Use Survival Items You Can Find At The Dollar Store

dollar store

Instead of talking about individual survival items that you can buy at the Dollar Store, let’s see the top 13 multi-purpose items that you should stock up on.

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How To Build A Portable Survival Garden

portable garden

You may only have space in the back of your car or truck, and some of you have a hitch that can pull an entire shed or trailer. How do you take your garden with you?

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This Is How To Use Aluminum Cans For Survival


When all you have is are a few tin cans and other used materials, knowing how to turn crap into something useful is one skill no one can take from you.

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War Against The Police. Whose Lives Matter?

survivopedia dallas shooting

The attack in Dallas was not the only attack to take place. The first salvo in the war against the police has been shot and it was a devastating salvo.

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How To Build Your Own Irrigation System

irrigation system

DIY irrigation systems will save you dollars and they are easy to build using readily-available materials. Which of these 4 projects would you choose?

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10 Essential Medical Resources You Can Get From Nature


What will you do when there are no bandages, no medications, and no way to get help? Nature will be by your side to help you.

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Prep Blog Review: The No.1 Priority in Surviving

PBR 2016 july 9

What’s going on in this America of ours? Seems like a new attack or a riot is always around the corner. That just means we need to up our prepping game NOW.

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