5 Ways To Defeat Bacteria Without Antibiotics


The best way to defeat bacteria naturally is to approach your battle from all sides. It sounds simple, and it generally is. Here are the secrets!

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How The World Would Change Without Fuels?


Since diesel and gasoline were only invented in the late 1800’s, it will not be so hard to “go back” to a lifestyle without these fuels. But do you know how to do it?

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Why Starting A Flea Market Can Help You Survive Crisis


Even if you don’t want to wait until SHTF to start a flea market, there are still a ton of advantages. It doesn’t require a ton of effort after it’s up and going.

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Prep Blog Review: 5 Venezuelan Survival Lessons


Greatest survival lessons come not from imagined situations or TV show scripts. We should all pay attention to what’s going on around us. Study case 1: Venezuela 2016.

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Off-Grid Mechanics: 8 Steps That You Need To Know


When modern equipment won’t work anymore, the prepared have a plan in place. They know they can get the job done. Can you do the same?

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14 Cheap Ways To Feed Your Chickens


If know exactly what your chickens are eating, and in turn, you’ll know what YOU are eating! This is how to feed them right on a budget!

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10 Foods To Solve Your Medical Crisis

10 food for medical crisis

When it comes to survival, what you eat can save you more than you imagine. Here are 10 foods that solve your medical emergencies.

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“Et tu, Brutus?” Is Your Church An NSA Spy?

SVP church windows

Our Police State USA has now reached new devastating heights of radical intrusion, stepping into our privacy in the sanctity of our own church.

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How To Make Chloroform For Survival


Originally chloroform was used as an anesthetic to knock people out for surgery. Now you can make it at home.

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Survival Secrets From Your Garden: How to Use Roses

rose vinegar

Roses are probably the best known of all flowers, but there is much more to them than just a pretty face. They’re a great plant to grow for survival.

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Prep Blog Review: Survival Kitchen Tips


No matter the progress we make in our prepping, let’s not forget about priorities. We recently covered water. Let’s talk about food!

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Homemade Penicillin To Survive When SHTF


If SHTF, access to antibiotics may become limited or impossible. If that happens, it’s important to know how to make antibiotics at home.

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Survival Gardening: How To Naturally Improve Your Soil

garden soil

You can’t just drop seeds in the ground and expect a ton of produce. Your soil needs care. Here are some natural ways to improve it!

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A History Of Poverty

What has 50 years of giving handouts to the poor gotten us? According to census data, we’ve reduced the poverty rate by a whopping three percent!

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5 Little-Known Cold Weapons For Your Defense

throwing star

There are actually better, and far more lethal options that you can use for personal defense, and a short look back in the history would help you a lot.

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Survival Herbal Recipes From Our Ancestors

Herbs Recipes

Our ancestors used these plants well for medical purposes, and you need to know how to prepare them too. Here’s how to turn them them into remedies.

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