5 Habits Of The World’s Best Shooters

big_5 habits

With the price of ammo increasing and shooting ranges less available it’s harder and harder to learn to shoot let alone become proficient or even expert.

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14 Tips for Building Your Survival Farm

svp_farm for survival

Building a survival farm is not easy. Here are 14 tips you need to take into consideration and some ideas about what things may be of most use to you.

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Top Survival Guns For A Lady

big_lady guns

Now is the time for women to buy and learn how to use firearms for survival. But what type of gun should they look for?

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How To Choose The Right Rainwater Tank


The decision of using rainwater is a matter of choice attributed to the initial outlay and necessity. Do you know what rainwater tank to choose?

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Prep Blog Review: Survival Projects For The Summer


There is no better time for testing your projects and skills than summer. There are so many interesting ideas to test…

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Off-Grid Energy Project: DIY Tesla CD Turbine

BIG_tesla turbine

The Tesla Turbine is a fairly simple, EMP proof device that can generate power in just about any circumstance. Do it yourself and save your energy bills!

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4 Basic Survival Skills To Learn From Animals

Survivopedia Survival skills from animals

When you remove the human factor, you’ll see that animals are the epitome of the survival model… and there’s a thing or two we could learn from them!

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Social Survival: Meeting Other Cultures


Being used to interact with people from other cultures can be a huge advantage in a crisis. Are you prepared to communicate with them?

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Airliner Shot Down By Russians; Where is America’s Leadership?

SVP_putin plane

The change in our military’s leadership; or rather, lack of leadership, has put the world in danger. And the world sees it…

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Bugging Out: Three Things That Can Save Your Live


People leaving a life behind are not thinking of going camping or trapping.
When bugging out for real it comes down to just three things…

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The Must-Have Survival Library


Unless you have an eidetic memory or have been a practicing survivalist for 150 years you should keep your survival library updated.

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Prep Blog Review: A Prepper’s Food Independence

Prep BLog Rev

There’s nothing quite as liberating and reassuring as knowing you don’t depend on anyone to put food on the table today or the next month.

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