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Survival Dogs: How To Start And Build Your Kennel (1)

Border collie puppies

Regardless of what kind of dog you want to breed, you need to choose your puppies carefully if you want them to perform the way that you need them to.

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Survival Farming: How To Protect Animals From Heat

protect animals from heat

What are some natural ways that you can keep your animals cool when SHTF and you have no electricity to run appliances?

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Illegal Aliens… It’s Worse Than We Think

Illegal immigrants

According to police reports, the murderer of that young woman is an illegal alien who has been convicted seven times of felonies and deported five times.

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How To Survive If The Sun Goes Out

sun goes out

Can we survive if the sun goes out? The answer is simple, but the hows and whys are often supposition based upon scientific speculation.

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Home Invasions: The Biggest Mistakes Victims Make

home intrusion

They have no reservations on the most heinous of behavior toward their captives, and little fear, if any at all, of consequences.

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9 Surprising Survival Uses Of Moss


If SHTF, moss can come in handy in several different ways. There are over 12,000 varieties and they all have uses.

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Prep Blog Review: Survival Skills You Need Today

PRE Blog review July 25

Today we gathered some interesting articles on some essential skills, some vital and some not, but all really important for your survival!

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How To Recycle Tires For Your Homestead

recycle tires

Some of them get recycled or burned and some of them are lying around on your property or someone else’s property, waiting for a miracle to happen.

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10 Things To Know About Tesla Batteries


From Edison batteries to Lithium Ion, and automobile batteries, there is truly no perfect solution for off gridders.

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Back To Basics: How To Make And Preserve Pasta

making pasta

If you want to use a pasta machine, feel free but since this is about survival, your machine may break so we’re going to talk about doing it all by hand!

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Chattanooga Shooting & Obama’s Love For Islam

Chattanooga shooting

There is no question that our nation is under attack by radical Islam and this is just the latest attack in that process.

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Leave No One Behind: How To Carry An Injured Person

carry injured person

There are several ways to extricate and carry an injured person from one location to another varying by circumstances and available resources.

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How To Keep Predators Away From Your Crop

Cover predators

You plant your young plants in your garden and wait for them to grow. Then you come out one morning and everything has been eaten down to a nub.

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Prep Blog Review: Emergency Food Solutions

Prep Blog review

When SHTF you’ll either have to bug out with the (little) food you’ll be able to carry along or you’ll have to find solutions make your own.

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