• eggs survival food
    Eggs: One of the Perfect Survival Foods
  • BIG crisis car
    The Best Car To Survive a Crisis
  • Ebola Weaponized
    Can Ebola Be Weaponized?
  • BIG laundry
    4 Off The Grid Washing Machines
  • BIG Natural fertilizer
    DIY Natural Fertilizer for Survival Crops

Eggs: One of the Perfect Survival Foods

Big eggs survival food

In addition to being extremely nutritious, eggs purportedly have more than 100 uses. We tend to think that’s a lowball estimate…

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Product Review: 14 Watt SunJack Portable Solar Charger

Big SunJack Review

This particular device can provide 5 volts of power at 2 amps for several hours efficiently and reliably… Have you tried it yet?

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Choosing The Best Car To Survive a Crisis

BIG crisis car

What does a good survival vehicle need to have, in order to be useful for both bugging in and bugging out?

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Can Ebola Be Weaponized?

Ebola Biological War

With a 55-60% death rate and out of control in the epidemic areas, you would think that Ebola would be an excellent choice as a biological weapon…

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4 Off The Grid Washing Machines

BIG laundry

Right now, we can still rely on modern technology to do all the work for us. But what will happen if SHTF and the grid goes down?

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Make the Most Out of Water in Your Home

BIG Water

Learning how to conserve your water for later use is an essential survival tool in the arsenal of every prepper; or at least it should be.

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Product Review: Little Sun Solar Lantern

big little sun

In a post crisis world, being able to obtain light with a low heat signature and low energy usage is going to be very important.

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Prep Blog Review: Survival Projects For The Weekend

Survival Projects

Some of these projects will help you master essential survival skills while others are great to remember when SHTF!

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Survival Skills We Can Learn From The Amish

BIG amish

Find out how the Amish harvest power from nature, how they make the best of every available resource and much more…

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DIY Natural Fertilizer for Your Survival Crops


If your garden is full of delicious food now, it will be a shock when you can’t grow it healthy after a crisis hits. That’s why you need to know how to make natural fertilizer.

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Survival Toolkits for Your House


There are some tools and supplies that you need when you do emergency home repairs by yourself. Everybody should have this stuff!

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Pandemic in Big Cities: Surviving Quarantine


Things are getting way out of hand: officials from the WHO claim that Ebola is spreading faster than they can keep up with.

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