Airliner Shot Down By Russians; Where is America’s Leadership?

SVP_putin plane

The change in our military’s leadership; or rather, lack of leadership, has put the world in danger. And the world sees it…

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Bugging Out: Three Things That Can Save Your Live


People leaving a life behind are not thinking of going camping or trapping.
When bugging out for real it comes down to just three things…

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The Must-Have Survival Library


Unless you have an eidetic memory or have been a practicing survivalist for 150 years you should keep your survival library updated.

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Prep Blog Review: A Prepper’s Food Independence

Prep BLog Rev

There’s nothing quite as liberating and reassuring as knowing you don’t depend on anyone to put food on the table today or the next month.

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The Old-School Forgotten Art To EMP-Proof Electronics


The worst problems after an EMP can be reduced by using older technologies, which are far less vulnerable to an EMP. Learn how to build it at home!

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5 DIY Off-Grid Projects For This Summer

Survivopedia off grid project

Solar power will provide you enough energy to put you ahead of the 99.9% of the rest of the population! Can you harness it this easy?

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5 Morale Boosting Tips To Survive Crisis

Survivopedia Morale Boost

How do you guard your inner self during an extremely ordeal – one which could cause the average human to give up or lose his or her wits?

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The EPA’s Latest Land Grab

Survivopedia EPA land grab

EPA started as a government agency to protect our corner of the world, but now becomes the political arm of the environmental movement. Is your land safe?

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How To Choose The Best Swiss Army Knife For Survival

big_swiss army knife

The Swiss army knife has achieved an iconic status and nowadays we can safely argue that it’s a must-have item in any respectable survival kit.

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How to Prepare Your Cat for Survival

BIG cats

If you’re the happy person that belongs to one of the 100 million cats in US, have you ever wondered what would happen to your cat if a natural disaster strikes?

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Prep Blog Review: Survival Homestead Tips and Tricks

Prep Blog Review

Survival and self-sufficiency go hand in hand. And this is a great time to start prepping, when you have all your crops at hand.

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5 Websites That Are More Useful Than You Imagine


Generally speaking, preppers think in terms of doing things without the use of the Internet. But you shouldn’t completely overlook it!

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