Off-Grid Survival: How to Cut and Split Wood


You can use wood for heating, cooking and even for running your car. But do you know how to chop and to split it?

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Weapons for Survival: Knives and Other Edges


Cold weapons are needed in any survival strategy. You better spend a few dollars more for reliable weapons than have them fail when you need them.

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Prep Blog Review: Fast Forward to Food Independence


The only thing that will save you from starving is self-sufficiency: keep up with your prepping efforts reading 5 great articles on food independence.

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Nature’s Alternative Fuel To Run Your Car


Looking for alternative solutions for gasoline?
Here’s one you can find in the nature and use for years on end.

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DIY for Cooking Off-grid: The Candle Heater


A candle heater can be used safely for heating and cooking in the home, as well as when you are living outdoors. See our video on how to do-it-yourself.

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Ready to Draw? Survival Bows on a Budget


As with choosing the right gun or knife, one bow type will work better than others. Choose a model that you can use easily and effectively.

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Nevada Standoff: On the Edge of Martial Law


Once more, government agents with guns were telling law-abiding citizens that they couldn’t do something which the Constitution gave us the right to do.

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11 Mistakes to Avoid When Prepping


Some people are going to make some mistakes when prepping for disaster but we’re going to give you a heads-up on a few of the most common errors.

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Real-Life Survival Uses for Newspaper


Newspaper is a wonderful multi-purpose product to include in your stockpile, which could be used within the house, and also for outdoor survival.

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Homemade Substitutes for Toilet Paper


When SHTF, you have absolutely no way of knowing when you will get another chance to stock up on supplies. What if you ran out of toilet paper?

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Prep Blog Review: DIY Survival Projects at Your Hand

Collage (1)

Would you be ready to make good use of anything at hand in order to survive in the worst preparedness scenarios?

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Did You Buy a Gun? The First Things To Do After


Shooting makes one of our list of top 6 things to do after buying a gun, but there are some other equally important things to take care of first.

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