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Just How Much Of Our Privacy Is Still Private?

BIG Privacy

An alert of this type would play on people’s fears, convincing them that there was important information that they weren’t receiving…

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On The Edge Of Pandemic: 6 Rules For A Safe Bug Out

big pandemic bug out

Ebola is transmitted through contact with microscopic amounts of perspiration … such as the doctor who went bowling at two bowling alleys…

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The Midterm Elections Are Upon Us


We the People have a responsibility; that of governing those who govern this country. It’s time we did our job!

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Taxes And Preparedness – Do They Fit Together?

BIG tax 2

Here’s an interesting question: “I’ve considered paying my real estate taxes in advance. What are your thoughts?”

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A Must Do List In Autumn To Prepare For Winter

BIG Preparation

Taking care of these matters will be more important than ever because you may not be able to get help with repairs in a timely fashion.

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Prep Blog Review: DIY Autumn Preps

Prep Blog Review

The closest thing that we have to prep for is autumn, so here’s something that will get you in the mood for some seasonal DIY.

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Off-grid Project: DIY Burnable Bricks & Logs Out of Paper

fire bricks

Why freeze or starve to death when one easy way to make fuel for your fire can be achieved by even a beginner prepper?

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How To Start Your Survival Garden Indoors

BIG Garden

Depending on where you live, some plants may need to be started indoors if you’re going to get enough nutrients to live on from your garden.

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What It Takes To Prevent Ebola

BIG Ebola

If you’re reading this, you likely feel the same way I do … that you need to hear the whole message before you decide the best course of action…

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There’s A War Going On Your Freedom

freedom 3

The government is spying on us all, breaking our 4th Amendment right, and it seems that there’s nothing that can be done to stop them.

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Urban Rafting For Survival: DIY Raft

BIG raft

Pick any terrible event you can imagine and think about one alternate way to escape from the city, if any river is close by: rafting for survival.

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Uncommon Survival Foods – Acorn

big acorn

Main issues with survival are fire, shelter, water and food. And if you have run out of food, where can you find some more?

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