Top 5 Versatile Foods To Survive Nowadays


Choose versatile food as much as you opt for multipurpose items when building your reserves. It’s about money, space and resources!

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Leaky Cellar 101: What You Need To Know


A leaky cellar impacts the shelf life of your supplies. Let’s see what you can do to keep your cellar dry and your stockpile safe.

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Why To Invest In Food Instead Of Silver Or Gold

Invest In Food

Let’s say you have a few thousand dollars you want to invest. These are the solutions that will work even during a financial collapse.

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7 Steps To Increase Privacy When Using The Internet

Increase Online Privacy

Americans have traditionally valued privacy very highly. Follow these seven steps to protect your privacy when using the Internet.

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5 Things To Know About Bleach Storage

Bleach Storage

Bleach is an important item to your stockpile. Here are 5 things to know about bleach survival storage, uses and alternatives.

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How To Survive Eating Wild Winter Edibles


In winter, it’s still possible to dig through the snow and get to wild edibles. They’re delicious and some of them are packed with carbs.

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Prep Blog Review: 30+ Survival Items You Should Have

Survival Items

Every once in a while it would be good to check your survival stockpile and gear list and complete it with other useful items.

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Could the Government Seize Your 401(k) Or IRA Money?

47220974 - jar with label 401k and money on the table.

The government already gave banks the green light to seize your bank accounts. So how can you protect yourself and your hard-earned savings?

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FAQ On How To Pressure Can Bacon At Home

How To Pressure Can Bacon

We’ve had some questions about canning bacon. Yes, you can home can bacon so that it will be there, in your food stockpile.

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10 Shopping Mistakes When Buying Stockpile Items

Shopping Stockpile Mistakes

Stockpiling is one of the most important steps for disaster preparation. Make sure you aren’t making these 10 shopping mistakes!

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What’s Happening With Russia?


These days, it seems that Russia, like us, is in a waiting game, eager to see what our November elections hold for the future.

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Killing Us Softly – How Just Breathing Is Deadly


It’s bad enough that we have to worry about other countries using chemical warfare on us; we’re already getting slowly poisoned just by breathing!

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5 Great Survival Uses For Whiskey, Beside Bartering


Having the perfect tools and/or supplies at your disposal in a SHTF situation is a pretty rare occurrence. What if all you have is whiskey?

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Prep Blog Review: How To Generate Power Off-Grid

Generate Power Off-grid

After an EMP, you’ll have to know how to use natural resources to produce your own electricity. So, why not start preparing now?

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Help – It’s Illegal to Live Off-Grid!

Illegal to Live Off-grid

Can you homestead and still go unnoticed? How can you do it and still stay safe? You will find the answers in this post.

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EMP Survival: Is Your Home Ready For The Blackout?


Think about how your home would resist to an EMP blast. Will you have enough heat and food? Will your OPSEC be the same if left in the dark?

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