How To Wax Food For Long-Term Storage


Waxing fruits and veggies for long term is common, but here is how to use wax to preserve even jams, jellies and cheese.

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Prep Blog Review: Ultimate Winter Survival Tips

Winter tips

Winter brings joy but also many new challenges for preppers. From colds to winter storms, with knowledge you can overcome any challenge.

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8 Survival Hacks Using Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrap Hacks

From first aid to building a shelter, plastic wrap has many uses if SHTF, so keep several rolls of it in your stockpile.

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DIY Fuel: How To Turn Wood Into Briquettes 

Wood Briquettes

These DIY wood briquettes can help you prepare for a crisis, save money on your heating bill and increase your income.

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Fake News Is The Only News There Is

Fake News

After the elections, the mainstream media are still trying to manipulate. Can you make the difference between real and fake news?

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How To Keep Your Winter Stockpile Safe


This winter, your reserves can be threatened in numerous ways. Are yours going to make it through until spring comes?

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Diatomaceous Earth? Here’s How To Use It

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a multi-purpose product that, if used correctly, covers our biggest needs as preppers. Here is how to use it.

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Why Vertical Gardening Is The Way To Go For Survival

Vertical garden

When it comes to growing your plants, space is a problem, but not for vertical gardening. Here is how to start your own vertical garden.

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Prep Blog Review: Gardening & Farming Winter Tips

Winter Gardening

For many people, gardening & farming are related to spring and summer, but not for us. Here is how to grow your food during winter.

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4 Easy Solutions For Lighting Your Indoor Plants


Lighting is an integral part of growing your food indoors. Here are the best tips for lighting your plants without getting noticed.

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How To Meet The Challenges Of Urban Farming


Trying to live self-sufficiently in an urban area is challenging but you can grow your food even though you live in the city. Here is how!

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Are We Seeing The End Of Progressive Liberalism?

Progressive Liberalism

Does a Democrat loss mean the end of progressive liberalism? Are we going to see our country go back in a rational direction?

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How To Make Briquettes From Daily Waste


Nothing gets wasted, everything gets transformed, even daily wastes you can transform into a source of energy – briquettes.

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5 DIY Survival Tools To Make From Scratch


Our ancestors used to manufacture tools from animal bones, stones or metal so let’s learn how to make some DIY survival tools from scratch.

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8 Things To Keep Under The Radar During A Blackout

Black out

When the lights go out, desperate people will do desperate things. Don’t let them know that you are better off than they are.

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Prep Blog Review: About Living Off-grid

Living Off grid

People lived before the grid even existed but when our electricity driven society will fall, how long will you survive?

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