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How To Make Survival Foods For Your Dog

DIY dog survival food

If you think that dog food is irrelevant in a survival situation, check this out: you can eat dog food if S really HTF. So, do you know how to make it?

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Survival Preparedness For Veterans


Surviving combat doesn’t necessarily mean one is ready to take on the next disaster, especially if they don’t have the supplies stockpiled.

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Prep Blog Review: Preparing For The Economic Meltdown


The global economy stands on melting legs, and seems to be heading to disaster. So be aware and prepare for the worst!

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Top 5 Emergency Survival Radios


An emergency radio usually means that it works in any emergency where standard equipment does not. But do you know what to choose?

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How To Make Survival Cement For Your Off Grid Home

survival cement

What are you going to do if someday you lose your home in a large-scale disaster of some sort and you have to build a shelter from scrap?

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What’s Happening In September?

survivopedia picture

There are forces at work behind the scenes pushing to create a one world government. I just don’t know when it will happen.

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How To Survive A Dog Attack

dog attack

Just like almost any other thing in life, dogs can be a benefit or a hazard. After all, dogs are basically wild animals, put to “good” use by mankind.

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5 Ways To Measure Foods Without A Scale

measure pig

Now we have scales that can measure to the zillionth of an ounce, but what happens if SHTF and we don’t have batteries or power to run those scales?

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12 Essential Wildflowers For Your Medical Kit

Medicinal Plants

They’ve been used for healing and for harm so you should know about which wildflowers are worth being in your medical kit in case you need them.

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Prep Blog Review: What Are Your Survival Skills?

Prep Blog Review 22 Aug

There’s a lot of things you’ll have to provide for yourself and your family, and it’s never too late to start working on your skills.

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6 Ways To Clean Yourself When There’s No Water

no water hygiene

Being clean is a morale booster and a health necessity, but what happens if you have little to no water and still want, or need, to be clean?

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Happy Hens Lay More Eggs: 8 Tips To Happy Hens

chicken coop

Are you having problems with egg production? Do your hens seem to be rebelling against you? Well there may be a good reason for it.

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9 Wild Edibles To Find In The Desert

desert food

There are many ways to avoid starvation in a survival situation in the desert if you know what to look for. But with the proper knowledge, you won’t starve.

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False Flags: Government’s Schemes For Gun Control

gun control

NAZIs killed eight million people, starting almost immediately after bragging about creating the first “modern society” in which guns weren’t needed.

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