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Snowstorm Survival: 5 Steps To Stay Safe


Everybody living in an urban area should be able to follow five basic essential tips for snowstorm survival easily enough. Or they’ll be doomed.

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Prep Blog Review: Off-Grid Survival

Prep Blog Review

Surviving and living off grid is definitely not an easy task, and any prepper that went the off grid way can confirm that.

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8 Ideas On Repurposing 5 Gallon Buckets

five gallon bucket projects

You can’t build an entire city out of 5 gallon buckets or put a man on the moon but you can do a ton of other things with them.

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Top 7 Tips For Buying A Manual Water Pump

Manual Water Pump

Finding the best manual pump will be of immense benefit for you, your family, and any livestock that may depend on the water from an underground source.

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Don’t Fly Without These 20 TSA-Approved Items

Silhouette of airplane with a beautiful sky.

What is worse than relinquishing all the items from your EDC kit? Here’s one: relinquishing the items and boarding a plane to fly across the country.

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Survival Product Review: Scrubba Washer

Scurbba Washer Review

Even advanced preppers may forget about doing laundry, or don’t have lightweight equipment available to get through the early stages.

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Obama’s SOTU Speech Dissected

Obama State of the Union speech

Obviously, unity had nothing to do with the speech that Obama gave or with his agenda. That is, unless unity means submitting to his will.

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Skip The Ibuprofen, Try Natural Cures Instead


There are plenty of natural ways to relieve pain without destroying your vital organs and risking an early death. Let’s see which of them work for Ibuprofen.

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Top 22 Handguns For Your Defense


Having and knowing how to use personal defensive handguns will make survival possible for you and your family.

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6 Easy Homemade Breads For A Healthy Life

You can make bread at home that’s good for you even if you have diabetes, or other issues that may be affected by bread consumption.

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Prep Blog Review: Skills You Want When SHTF

Prep Blog Review photo collage

We want to be able to survive in an emergency situation, to be self-sufficient when the grid goes off, or the economy south-er, so there’s always something new to learn.

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A Preparedness Use for Old Hard Drives


If you have an old computer collecting dust, you can use the hard drive as a backup.
It’s super easy and doesn’t cost too much.

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6 Safety Tips Burglars Don’t Want You To Know

BIG Burglar

Learning how burglars evaluate houses can make it easier to develop useful safety measures and successfully keep them from breaking in.

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How To Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water

BIG Water

Our planet is covered in water, but only one half of 1 percent is drinkable because most of the rest is salty. Do you know how to use it for drinking?

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