Surviving Off-grid: Hot Water From Your Wood Stove


In an event of a grid-down situation, it would be nice to have hot water. Here is how to use your wood stove to heat water.

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America Through The Eyes Of Our Founding Fathers


Today’s America is vastly different from the one of our Founding Fathers and they would not recognize the country we have become.

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Survival Kitchen: How To Revive Cast Iron Cookware

SVP cast iron skillet

They’re practically indestructible and will last literally hundreds of years. You can’t imagine a survival kitchen without cast iron pots and skillets.

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Prep Blog Review: 50+ Natural Heal-Anything Cures

Heal Anything

When it comes to your medical preparation for a post-disaster scenario, heal-anything natural remedies are the safest way to go.

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New To Prepping? Here’s Where To Start From

New To Prepping

New to prepping and wondering what does one have to do in order to truly be prepared? Here are the answers to your questions!

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What We Can Learn From The California Evacuation

california evacuation

A disaster disrupts lives, but it comes with valuable lessons we can all learn from. What can we learn from California’s Dam crisis?

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When The Courts Run Amok

SVP Trump when courts run amok

President Trump is barely three weeks in the office, but he’s already having problems with the government. What to expect?

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DIY Hot Tub For Your Off-grid Hygiene


When it comes to off-grid survival, personal hygiene is a true challenge, unless you learn how to build your own DIY hot tub.

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Storing Ammo: A Guide For Preppers

Ammo Storing

Any prepper should know how to store ammunition. Find out the perfect locations, containers, supplies and tips for your ammo stockpile.

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7 DIY Ways To Remove Odors From Your Pantry

7 DIY Ways To Remove Odors From Your Pantry

Ugh! You open the door to your pantry and your nose is assaulted with a nasty odor? Here are 7 DIY solutions to get rid of it!

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Prep Blog Review: Freeze Drying Or Dehydrating?


Learning about common methods of food preservation for long term storage is important. What would you choose: freeze drying or dehydrating?

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How To Make Lye At Home

How To Make Lye At Home

Knowing how to use what you have on hand to make what you need is one of the hallmarks of a true prepper. So, let’s make some lye!

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Emergency Fire-starter: Start A Fire With Bare Hands

Starting a fire

Fire is your best friend in a survival situation. Can you start one with bare hands? Here are some methods to practice before SHTF.

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10 Ways To Prepare Your Tractor For Survival

10 Ways To Prepare You Tractor For Survival

A tractor is a must-have for every homesteader so make sure you prepare yours for survival so you can use it in a post-crisis world.

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Design Your Own Weapon, In These 14 Steps

diy weapon design

Having a weapon makes self-defense easier and learning how to design your own is a skill that will serve you well in a survival situation.

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Read This Before You Start Building An Utility Trailer

Utility Trailer

Thinking about using an utility trailer for survival? Make sure it fits your needs so challenge your skills and start building your own.

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