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Who We Are


Survivopedia is a growing online encyclopedia of survival where preppers and self-reliance enthusiasts can find useful knowledge, wisdom, advice, resources and inspiration for planning their long term survival and running their prepping plans smart.


What Do We Believe In?

We believe in perpetual development of skills and knowledge.

We have the courage to defend people’s rights, principles and values.

We help people create the mindset of a savior and know-how of a survivor.


What Our Readers Say About Us

“New free attainable knowledge for the all mighty what if…”

“A sounding board for what I may or may not be doing. It helps me focus on things that I might be doing too much of,  or perhaps, not enough.“

“A forum where I don’t feel like I’m crazy.  Where I can interact with like-minded individuals. It’s also a valuable resource from people who know and care. “

“A window into all the products that would be necessary that I don’t think of.  Your ideas and your products are awesome, even if I just read and don’t purchase I am still ever learning. And that type of knowledge will be the key to survival. “