Stocking Your First-Aid Kit

Survival First Aid Kit detail in black and white

In emergency situations, a properly prepared first aid kit can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or your loved ones.

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Can You Have “Off-grid Gourmet Food?”

Off grid gourmet prawns with garlic

If you can’t handle eating crappy food, you’re not alone. Take a look at all these great foods for survival gourmet.

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Save Your Own “Survival Seeds” [Part 2]

Plates of seeds to save for a survival garden

Seed Saving: The Seed

Seed saving techniques vary from crop to crop, but typically start with having a good gene pool from the start.

Most crops that cross pollinate will need a number of parent plants of the same variety to prevent inbreeding. Inbreeding is when related plants (i.e. siblings or relatives) mate or cross.

This causes the offspring to have limited genes, which means that they may not grow well or survive stress. This is important for seed savers to remember if […]

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Save Your Own “Survival Seeds” [Part 1]

Mix of seeds to save for survival purposes

Learning how to save your own seeds, especially from heirloom and locally adapted crops, frees you from dependence on seed companies.

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Store Veggies For Long Term Survival

Now, this article is all about veggies and how to make them long term storage type foods but that’s not the only thing these articles are good for.

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Food Prep That Kids & Adults Will Love

Isn’t the idea behind getting prepared to actually live comfortably when times are tough? Exactly! So here’s the deal…

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Shockingly Delicious Survival Food

Great food can made if you plan well; in fact, there are tons of awesome shelf stable foods that bring you back to your favorite meals while you wait out the storm.

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