Living With Chronic Disease After Disaster

surviving with chronic disease

In any SHTF scenario, one of the first priorities is providing emergency care. However, a lot of this care is focused mostly on tending to injuries and common diseases.
Middle-aged and older adults are the most vulnerable in the event of a disaster. Around 80% of them […]

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Natural Anesthetics For Dogs And Cats

If you’re planning on keeping your pets with you in a SHTF situation, it may be helpful for you to have alternative ways to ease their pain if they become ill or get injured.
Even in everyday situations, you may prefer to use natural anesthetics for your dog or cat instead of chemicals.

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Prep Blog Review: Surviving Without Electricity

frozen roof

One of the main concerns preppers have is how to survive in case of black-out, no matter the cause. Canning and preserving can provide long-term food for a family wise enough to think in advance about survival.
Another crucial concern is heating […]

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A Survivor’s Guide To Raising Multi-Purpose Sheep

sheep close up

Sheep have been raised for centuries by people all over the world because they’re versatile and hardy.
They’re a good livestock choice for people who are preparing for a SHTF situation because they don’t eat as much as larger stock animals, and will also eat […]

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Uncommon Communication For Survival

smoke signals

Radios are an important component of any survival contingency plan, but they are not the only means of communicating in the absence of cell phones and Internet.
Depending on the severity of the disaster, you may have to get creative and consider […]

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Communicating After Disaster: Systems And Devices

electric pole with thunders on the background

In any type of disaster, your normal means of communication will likely be limited or severed completely.
This applies during a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or other large-scale natural disaster.
It also applies during a terrorist attack, EMP strike, or nuclear war scenario.

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Prep Blog Review: Winter Is Coming to Town

It seems like winter is coming to town on Thanksgiving. Deadly tornados raged through the Midwest, and days in Texas become colder than Idaho nights.
Under the circumstances, writing about winter survival is easy to understand and comes to help readers prepare facing cold and extreme weather.
Let’s take a look at those useful articles we found for you on survival blogs and websites.

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Rules To Live By When Bartering After Disaster

barter related words chart

Whether people realize it or not, the bartering system is still alive and well. We do it every single day, when we go to the grocery store, the gas station, and when we pay the rent.
In case you aren’t familiar with the barter system, it’s pretty easy to understand. It can be defined simply as the exchange of goods or services between two people. If you needed your car repaired, you would go […]

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The Top 6 Survival Rifles And Why You Need One

Whether you are prepping for the zombie apocalypse or the aftermath of a hurricane, self-defense is an important aspect of surviving any disaster. Everyone has their preference as to what qualifies as the best survival weapon. <

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How To Train Your Horse For Survival If SHTF

White and brown horse

In a SHTF scenario, your horse can be an invaluable survival tool. He can carry you to safety, haul your provisions, drag logs or injured people, and perform any number of other useful tasks.
Horses are naturally creatures of flight though so if you want to use him in a survival situation, you need to train him properly. Fortunately, training him isn’t a hard job but it will take a bit of time and effort […]

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How To Defeat Your Fear When SHTF

Post apocalyptic city

Fear, when harnessed properly, is an incredible survival tool.
When you’re scared, your senses are heightened and your adrenaline is flowing. You’re more sensitive to sights and sounds. You’re a little bit stronger and a little bit faster than you may otherwise be, and these are excellent tools to have. The key is to manage your fear in order to use these tools to your advantage.

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5 Plants From The Kitchen For Your Health

red and yellow onion, garlic on white background

It’s been known since ancient times that vegetables and herbs are crucial in maintaining health and improving your well being. But some of those common plants and herbs have medical properties and can turn into natural medicine when living-off-the-grid. What else would you use these items for? Let’s take a short look at some of the common vegetables preppers should have in their stockpiles.

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Composting And Handling Garbage After SHTF

compost pile

Without a doubt, sanitation and the disposal of various wastes and garbage materials will be of critical importance in any post-SHTF situation. Where waste and filth accrue, bacteria, viruses and pests like mice, rats and fleas all start to thrive. In turn, a toxic and increasingly deadly environment is created and diseases start to spread. So whether you live in an urban, suburban or more rural location […]

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Life-Saving Skills To Develop Now For Survival

Survival world mix

There is no time like the present for developing the skills and knowledge that you would need in order to have the best chances for survival after a serious disaster or post-SHTF.
Some skills can help you survive immediately during a disaster and amidst the upheaval and chaos in the aftermath of such an event, while other skills can help you survive immediately during a disaster […]

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DIY Projects You Can Start Now To Survive Later

diy project cutting wood

Preparing for a potential SHTF scenario can often seem like a monumental task. But getting reasonably well-prepared doesn’t have to be an enormous undertaking, nor does it have to be expensive. In fact, there are some great DIY preps that are affordable and can be accomplished in an afternoon or over the weekend, with just a bit of labor, the proper know-how, and a few minimal investments […]

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Winter Survival And Blizzard Prep Tips

Bug out vehicles in blizzard

Winter weather conditions can vary quite a bit depending on the region you live in, from constant rain and sleet to thick blankets of snow and black ice. Then, sometimes it just gets plain cold, with little rain or snow, but perhaps some wind chill to drop things down to below zero.
In any case, winter can bring some harsh weather in its wake, but you can prepare for it […]

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