Terms and conditions

Campaign name: Win a NC Star Mil-Dot Scope With Top Mounted Reflex Site

Campaign duration: 18.03.2018-18.05.2018

Geographic cover: This contest is available to US citizens living in the US which are over 21 y.o. ID will be required for prize reception.

Prize value: $150

Mechanism for selection of the winner: After completing the quiz available on this page: https://www.survivopedia.com/shtf-quiz-active-shooter-1/, the participant will have to enter his email address in the designated field. As doing so, he agrees with the terms and conditions specific to receiving commercial and informational communications as presented on the pages: https://www.survivopedia.com/terms-conditions/ and https://www.survivopedia.com/wp-content/privacypolicy.html. http://www.specopsshooting.com/statics/privacy.php, http://www.specopsshooting.com/statics/termsandconditions.php and https://www.survivopedia.com/TRMSSOSCONTEST1

Organizer reserves the right to change the terms of the “Win a NC Star Mil-Dot Scope With Top Mounted Reflex Site” campaign

At the end of the campaign (18.05.2018), all valid email addresses of those participating this contest will enter a raffle held by a third party tool: random.org. The filming of the process will be made available for private viewing if such a thing is requested via email at [email protected] by any participant or authority.

Following this, the winner will be contacted via email for validation and shipping address confirmation. Shall the first selected winner will not be confirmed within 7 days from selection, the raffle process shall be repeated as above until the winner is confirmed.

The winner will be publicly announced via all communication channels available to the organizer. He also agrees to share his thoughts on the prize with our community.

Participation to the “Win a NC Star Mil-Dot Scope With Top Mounted Reflex Site” campaign is not in any way constrained or influenced in any way by any purchase.