Why America Would Be Better Off Without The UN

by  15 March, 2018

We gave them Our Money. We gave them Our Troops. This is how The United Nations became so strong. But, does The United Nations care for Americans at all?

This has been problematic for us here in the USA since its inception in 1945. While its original purpose was predominantly that of maintaining international peace, it has become largely focused on promoting social progress, one of its secondary purposes.

In this regard, the UN is a progressive-liberal organization, which often works against American interests. America bashing is a favorite pastime of UN “diplomats” and bureaucrats, who are happy to take our money and live on our soil, but don’t really think the most powerful nation in the world should have any say in international affairs.

The UN has grown in power and influence, largely because of American economic and military prowess. When peacekeeping troops need to be sent into war-torn areas, they are largely American troops. When money needs to be given to help with any of the UNs many social programs, it is largely American money which is given. Yet these troops and money don’t really buy us a thing.


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Part of our current problem with the UN is that they have largely been co-opted by the movers and shakers behind the one world government movement, some of the most financially powerful people in the world. I suppose this is a natural outcome of an international organization like this, where the lines between advising and governing can easily become blurred.

The UN Charter never gave them any governing authority; that’s something that they’ve gradually tried to assume over the years. They’ve now reached the point where they think they can dictate to sovereign countries, expecting those countries to obey their “resolutions.”

Such is the case with a recent vote that the United Nations took against the United States. First in the Security Council and then afterwards in the General Assembly, the United Nations voted to demand that President Donald Trump rescind his recent order to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

It’s important to note that President Trump didn’t make a unilateral decision to defy world opinion and move the embassy; all he did was give an order to ..

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