How would you like to win some pretty rockin’ prizes just for sharing your prepping, survival, off-grid or homesteading stories?

Survivopedia has teamed up with campingsurvival.com to offer some great prizes, including a $500 gift certificate as first prize, to hear your stories.
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To see our full list of rules and regulations along with our privacy policy check out our contest rules HERE, then submit your story until March 29, 2015 via email at [email protected].

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!


Here is the full list of participants to our “My Prepper Story” Contest and their final scores:

First Prize: Jim’s story – 22 votes

Second Prize: J.Z.’s story – 21 votes

Third Prize: Wayne’s story – 15 votes

Most Original Story: Sonny B.’s story – 8 votes

Elizabeth’s story – 14 votes

Bill C’s story – 8 votes

JS’s story – 8 votes

Robert’s story – 7 votes

Bill F.’s story – 6 votes

John’s story – 6 votes

Chuck’s story – 5 votes

David’s story – 5 votes

G.H.’s story – 4 votes

Mary’s story – 4 votes

Susan’s story – 4 votes

Prepared Granny’s story – 3 votes