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My Prepper StoryMy story about prepping for doomsday is very short and may be boring to some.

I’m not a born American. I become a citizen of this so called great Nation about 10 years ago. I was then told by my uncle that America isn’t what I think it is and that Big Brother is always watching. I thought my uncle had completely lost his mind. I thought nothing of it until about 5-6 years ago when my horse trainer said he is selling everything and moving to Nebraska to increase their chances of hiding out from our government. This is when I have opened my eyes and started to really pay attention. My then ex-husband thought I am delusional and hang out with people that are trying to brain wash me… Ha!

Since then I have been prepping. I started off with divorcing my ex-husband and meeting a guy that will not only agree with me but also help me get ready! Best decision of my life!

Guns, ammo, water access and land way out in the country is what we wrapped our minds around. We ride our horses to prepare them to carry us and our luggage when driving and roads will no longer be available.

We also invested in seeds and handy tools that will help us get by and live off of land.

Good tent, sleeping bag and water filter is what is a must in your survival kit, especially when you are trying to prepare on the budget, just like me. Everything else will be in Gods hand. All we have left is pray and trust that God will not allow his people suffer much longer!

In God we Trust!



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  • Our family srpdaes out over some 800+ miles, with the physically nearest person being about an hour away by car. Most of them have zero interest in preparing for anything beyond a power outage of a day or less. They have, at best, whatever food is in the pantry (probably a week or less). The exceptions are a couple of my wife’s cousins about 100 miles away who grow family gardens and store some of what they grow.I had limited supplies for Y2K (kerosene heater, Coleman stove and lantern from camping days, etc). I was working in the communications industry then, so was very aware of the potential for failure. Being prepared for living without power proved worthwhile as we had an ice storm in January 2000 that took out power for a couple of days having alternate heating and cooking plans established my credibility for my wife, if no one else.I’m now retired and working with a limited budget, but am slowly acquiring food, water, etc, for an off-grid shelter-in-place possibility currently approaching 90 days worth of supplies. Certainly not where I’d like to be but, depending on season and weather conditions, I have some heirloom vegetable seed and space for a small garden.I’m not preparing for other family members the kids are anywhere from 2+ to 11 hours away on a good day and it’s just not that likely that they could get here in the event of a major disruption.