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My Prepper StoryI agree that it is difficult to get other people interested in preparing for the unknown. I think of Noah and the disbelievers who would not get on the boat. I have the same problem in my own family. They tolerate me because I’m near 80 years old but they heed not.

SO for Christmas this year I took it upon myself to at least get my family thinking about getting prepared for the boat trip. I gave my adult children, my grandchildren (also adults) and my great grandchildren a Christmas stocking containing as many bug out items as I could fit into an over-sized Christmas stocking.

I can’t remember everything I put in but here are a few: A fold up cooking device, a hang on your belt light bulb, a Bic lighter, a space blanket, a chemical stick for light, an emergency tent, and a Para-cord bracelet.

There were 9 such stockings given this year and I’m already planning next year’s stocking. These items are not intended to be all but I wanted to get my family thinking about survival.

The youngest was my 6 month great grandson. He did not show much emotion but he hopefully understand when his Grandfather explains that his great grandfather wanted him to be prepared to GET ON THE BOAT.


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  • Good for you, Mr. 80-year old man. You did this offering perfect by putting all these things together “sock size”. Maybe they will keep it all together and put it in a location they may recall later, as they may need it.l I am 63y/o and have the sme experience with my family (living in WI). I’ve been getting portable Berkey water filters (to get rid of chlorine and flouride, etc.), and Sprouts for vege’s in winter should the SHTF, and have made a fanny pack similar to your “sock” for when my family travels (I sneak it into the car). They all thik I am crazy. What they fail to realize is that I am a bonifide member of what I call the THREAT COHORT (A cohort is a huge group of people that don’t know each other that share a similar experience). The Baby Boomers are a cohort because many or most of them shared the start of TV in the family home, and many will remember “Leave It To Beaver” and the values demonstrated on that show. The boomers are a cohort and there are millions of them in USA. There are also millions of peoiple in what I call the THREAT CULTURE (cohort). By my definition, these people do now have, or have had, an experience where they could literally die (they knew it or know it) at any time. I include in the Threat Culture all combat veterans (which I am), and all street Police Officers, Most all Fire Department workers, many Emergency Medical Trauma workers (who are exposed to all sorts of dreaded viruses, etc.); I include most long-erm “wreckers”, who open vehicles after car crashes because of what they see; and I include all victims of random violence that is equivalent to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, including rape victims; and though many will not like me including this–many gang members and people within prison populations…and there are more that right now my mind cannot envision. There are millions of people in America who know they could have literally lost their life in a past experience, and plenty live with that awareness at least every work day. “Being prepared” takes on a whole new meaning when one has already (like millions in USA have) laid their life on the line (whether willingly via a duty, or never wishing it via being a victim of violence). My opinion is that there ought not to be criticism of preppers, because doing so discounts millions of once-serving people, along with those who suffered plenty. My opinion is that it is delusional to fail to realize that bad things happen everyday, somewhere and to someone. It is OK with me for many people to feel secure. But it is not OK with me to discount millions of still living people in USA that plan the precautions that they choose to take in their life situation (and based upon their actual past experiences). You did well, Mr. Man.