6 Realistic Ways To Stop School Shootings

In the last few days, we have seen the gun rights debate shift back and forth as gun grabbers desperately try to leverage senseless slaughter into a chance to advance their agenda.  At the same time, they remain notoriously silent about mothers and children in Section 8 housing that are being murdered and raped because of gun control laws and gun free zones.

Regardless of the facts, and regardless of where each person stands on the personal choice to own a gun, there has never been a better time to do something about school shootings and then move on to addressing other ills caused by gun control.

Here are six things you can advocate for, or take part in to help make this country a better and safer place for yourself and the children of this nation.

Make Schools As Safe As Political Buildings

If there is one thing every gun rights advocate knows, it is that gun free zones are the most dangerous places on Earth.  No matter whether you look at our own gun free zones, or nations like Nigeria where only terrorists have guns, innocent people are always the first to die while criminals laugh and create even more havoc.

Here in the United States, however, we have a successful model for keeping people safe using guns.  You have only to look at the court houses and other buildings where armed guards patrol and investigate every person entering the premises.  We can, and should do the same in the schools, with a few adaptions to these models.

Even though some advocate for the arming of teachers, these professionals can easily become overwhelmed by violent, disruptive, or abusive students.  Today, even highly qualified teachers with excellent classroom skills wind up calling in the police, who in turn, wind up tasing the students and arresting them.

Under these circumstances, it does not make sense to ask one armed teacher to face a room of students that may turn and seize the gun.

Instead, it would be best to have two to four trained and well armed sheriff or police officers constantly patrolling each floor (or 1 per wing) of the school building.  Unlike officers responding to classroom violence, these officers would be in place solely to address any threats that may come in from outside the building.

They would also be the best people to lead the students to safe locations or assist in rescue in the event of an earthquake, tornado, or other large scale catastrophe.

The real answer to stopping school bombings and gun massacres is to prevent people with these sick intentions from ever getting into the school building to begin with.  In combination with getting rid of gun free zones, the buildings and parking lots for schools should be fenced off.

The only people that should be able to get onto the school property should have to go through a checkpoint where their person, vehicle, and possessions are carefully searched for weapons and explosives.  During the ID check stage, anyone that has no legitimate business on school property should be immediately turned away.

Keeping the checkpoints far enough away from the buildings would prevent all guns and weapons from getting into the school. In the event of a bomb threat, the problem can also be neutralized far enough from the school and the children trying to learn within its walls.

Bring Back and Update Reform Schools

Over the last few days, I have spent more than a little bit of time listening and seeing what other people think would solve the problem of school shootings.  Many people brought up the lack of respect and manners in the younger generation, and claimed that a lack of faith in God is leading the path to destruction for our children.

Even without prayer in the schools, there is no reason for it to be absent in the home or encouraged among friends after school.

While God can work some incredible miracles, the violent media, video games, and harsh anti-psychotic drugs are brutal challenges to overcome. Study after study reveals that when a person remains in the environment where dysfunction occurs, the chance for overcoming it is much lower.

This is why we must bring back reform schools with highly structured settings.  The best thing we can do for children that cannot function in either a normal or special needs class is:

  • put them in a school that focuses on discipline, responsibility, and integrity.
  • Address mental health and social health issues without the use of drugs, mind manipulation or other tricks that might mask lack of true behavior remodeling.
  • Use psychological profiles to determine the best rewards and punishment methods for each person. This includes the option to use corporal punishment for those who will respond with appropriate behavior changes.
  • Make sure they have absolutely no access to TV, video games, fictional books, or other materials that might contain hidden triggers to already dangerously brainwashed minds.
  • Make sure they have absolutely no access to old friends or acquaintances that may be encouraging violent behavior or inappropriate views of the rights of others.
  • Live 24/7 in a highly controlled setting with progressively increased options for making choice until the reform process is completed.
  • Do not put a absolute exit date on graduation from reform school. It should be entirely possible to keep severely dysfunctional people like Cruz under tight wraps for life, if necessary.
  • Do not try to make junior military or other programs as a replacement for the very real need for reform school. These programs should be reserved for the best and brightest who can function at a socially appropriate level.

Get Rid of Psych Drugs

Did you know that children under 1 year old are already being given prescription drugs for ADHD, panic, anxiety, and other mental disorders?  All of these drugs can easily have a long term and harmful impact on the developing brain and nervous system.

This, in turn, can increase the risk of violent behavior an dysfunctional thinking for the rest of the person’s life.

When it comes to stopping violence, getting rid of prescription psych drugs for children is every bit as important as getting rid of gun free zones.  These drugs are known to increase the risk of violent actions and associated thinking.

In fact, just about every recent school massacre was carried out by a teenager that was on these drugs.

While many people believe these drugs indicate the presence of an underlying medical condition, some studies indicate this may not be the case.  Frequently, drugs used for ADHD and other “attention deficit” related disorders are recommended by teachers that cannot control the class.

In many cases, doctors go ahead and treat children for these “disorders” based on the word of the teacher, and may do very little, if anything to find out of the underlying problem has nothing to do with a mental disorder.

Rather than medicate our children into passive aggressiveness during school hours, we should remove these drugs and use discipline instead.  If necessary, it would be best to use drugs only as a last resort and within a reform school setting.

In fact, if a person is on these drugs, they should not be released into society to begin with.

Now – I am aware that some people will call this a true Orwellian nightmare, and one that can be exploited. On the other side of the equation, I believe that the destructive behaviors we are seeing have little, if anything to do with mental illness or some bizarre inner urge to destroy everything in sight.

Instead, I maintain these predatory behaviors have everything to do with children and young adults that act this way simply because they can without concern for consequences.  They want attention, and because they, themselves give attention to violent media, it may seem like a good  model to mimic.

If they know there will be no fanfare, no hysteria, and no coddling, this will take away the reward for violent behavior.  When they understand that they may be going to reform school with no end date, or have to deal with other curtailments of their freedoms, they will be even more inspired to get their behavior under control; just as we all learned to do during those critical years.

Best of all, as they overcome the challenges of growing into healthy citizens, they won’t be weighted down by the idea that they are sick or need a drug from cradle to grave in order to keep them within socially acceptable limits. That confidence alone is worth more than a drug could ever give them.

When you See Something, Say Something

Regardless of the squabble over the activism of the children who survived in Florida, there is no question that this was an unspeakable tragedy that citizens of our nation have suffered too many times.  If there is one useful thing that has come out of this last event, it is people are paying attention now and actively looking to stop the next event from ever happening.

We all must continue to monitor social networking venues, student conversations, and interactions.  Rooms, cell phones, backpacks, vehicles, and every aspect of teens lives must be examined, investigated, and questioned.  If you even suspect a problem, it is best to report it, and document the facts if possible.

Aside from this, it is every bit as important to apply “see something say something” to violent media and entertainment venues. Do not assume that a book (including text books), music, video game, movie, TV show, or the cute looking app your kids are playing with is non-violent and safe because of the rating or air timing.

Take time to pay attention to the color patterns, music cues, and subtle signals. Use the materials yourself for a few hours a day for at least a week.  Work in parent groups, and see how you feel compared to each other, and document everything.  Are you feeling more violent, confused, or disturbed? If so, this is not a game to allow your children or teens to play.

When you find any kind of media that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, immediately report it other parents so that they also have a chance to investigate. Do not hesitate to use social networking venues and other resources to manage this problem.

Never forget that we now live in a world where our enemies are expert in mind manipulation and brainwashing through subtle media cues that can be delivered with the precision and tailoring you would expect of private emails.  At the same time, it is hard to catch and prove, and even harder to prosecute as a crime.

The best thing you can do is investigate on your own, or simply limit all access to these poisonous venues.

Teach and Maintain Respect for Life and Respect of Self

For those of us born to older generations, we are not inclined to be confused by which bathroom to use, or gender identity.  Today’s youth are being told that respect for life suggests going against heterosexual instincts and associated social values so that those who have less represented instincts don’t feel discriminated against.

If that isn’t confusing to a heterosexual teen with surging hormones, I don’t know what is.

While respect for life must always include compassion and equality, these things must come from within and from a place of confidence in one’s own gender orientation (which in our species is a fundamental element of adulthood); whatever that may be.

Children and teens that have respect for life can and should be able to interact in a positive way with anyone regardless of gender orientation.  At the same time, they should not have to give up their own personal freedom and social need.  If your child or teen is not comfortable with going to a bathroom or locker room with someone of the opposite anatomical gender in the room, do not hesitate to homeschool.

There  are vouchers available, and plenty of resources to help you give your child a good education and time to sort these matters out in a place of privacy and safety.

If you give it some thought, you may already know that confusion can be a very stressful feeling. When you must also perform a complicated task such as learning something new, these distracting confusions can lead to a sense of frustration, anger, and fear.

These emotions, in turn, can lead to an eruption of violence, especially when there are so many video games and entertainment sources that encourage violence as an acceptable, even valued behavior model.

Historically speaking, and even in our own times, sadly, we could look at the kind of violence surrounding racial interactions; and consider that underlying confusions and frustrations become horrific acts that no person with respect for life or self would ever do.

It should be noted that European and others have no problems with these kinds of gender identity issues, however their culture is very different, and their bathrooms and other facilities have been co-ed for some time.

Perhaps in two or three generations, this problem will also resolve in our society.  In the meantime, children and teens may need a bit more care and consideration than we have been led to believe on these matters.

Talk to Each Other

We live in a society where people use words and phrases to make each other angry in order to  avoid meaningful and honest conversation.   This, in turn, has led to people pulling away from each other.  When there is no well formed opposition to the lies, brainwashing becomes easier  and takes even more control of innocent minds.

No matter whether this brainwashing comes in the form of memes created by foreign agents, or it comes from groups within the United States intent on achieving specific agendas, the results are the same. We as a nation grow weaker, and our ability to  work together becomes impossible.

A nation divided is like a house divided – it cannot stand.

Over the years, I have observed gun grabbers interacting with gun rights advocates using these red flags (words that are meant to invoke anger) to divide people.  This prevents or limits the ability of gun owners from effectively presenting the true facts and the winning the debate.

Think about it.  If you are trying to tell the truth to someone that is  brainwashed into thinking gun owners are aggressive, or less educated, what happens when you respond in kind to a red flag instead of calmly address the lack of accurate facts?

All your audience has been programmed to see, and therefore they only see an angry (read dangerous) person with a gun.  Quite frankly, I feel it is this one factor more than any other that has enabled the gun grabbers to progress in a society that is, historically, pro-gun.

When you bring hurting teens that want pain inflicted with guns to stop  into a conversation that is already manipulated against gun rights, it is unspeakable to lash out at them for expressing themselves.

No matter whether you are in the right or not insofar as your position on gun rights, once it is perceived you are picking on someone weaker or smaller than yourself, or one that is hurting, everyone will move to defend the weaker.

It is far better for your audience to see an adult gun grabber exposed as crazed, craven, desperate, grasping at straws, downright wrong on the facts, and unable to do more than scream obscenities while you remain calm.

And believe me – they do every time when you remain calm and correct their distortions with on topic and accurate facts from mainstream, statistical, or government sources.  As you become proficient, you may even find this to be an enjoyable hobby.

Watching coverage of the survivors in Florida and other school massacres is both visceral and painful.  They, and us will never be able to go back to the days when the world at least felt like a semi-safe place.

The problem of attacks on our schools by random agents of terror from within our own society cannot be solved by just one option. It requires a combination approach that actually solves the problem without creating new ones.  In this case, we can use some legal means such as limiting access to school grounds and addressing mental and behavioral issues.

We can also take steps to adjust our relationships with each other, and those who oppose gun owner rights so that we can have honest conversations that lead to constructive answers.



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