SHTF Quiz. How Long Would You Survive? 3 Days? 3 Weeks? 3 Years?

43552255 - rifle detail shot in a group of unrecognizable soldiers in camouflage uniform

It’s year 2021, and America is facing it’s first ever invasion. Russian and Chinese troops have occupied Mid-Western America. You were forced to leave your home and head for the wilderness.

Now, a few days after, you realize living outdoor is a lot harder than you expected.

You are completely out of food and almost out of water.

Do you have the necessary skills to survive in order to later defend your country?

Take the quiz below and find out:

What's the best way to find water?

What's the key to making an effective emergency shelter?

The best and most efficient tool in a survival kit for quickly building fire is:

Only one of the following mushrooms is edible. Which one is it?

One of these 3 plants is also known as "nature’s best painkiller". Which is it?

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