SHTF Quiz. How Long Would You Survive? 3 Days? 3 Weeks? 3 Years?

41771551 - planet earth north america zone.

It’s year 2020. It’s been 2 weeks since North Korea managed to sneak its ICBMs past America’s missile defense systems. The Hwasong 15 warhead, carrying a 100 kiloton nuclear load, detonated 125 miles above the US knocking out the power grid across a huge swathe of continental America.

You’ve heard rumors of victim numbers of up to 10 million. Most of them have fallen victim to starvation and dehydration.

After ransacking big cities, looters and roving bands of marauders have turned their attention to your area, making it vulnerable too.

Now, a few days after you’ve been outnumbered and forced to bug-out, you are completely out of food and water supplies and hope of finding any help has long faded.

Will you survive?

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