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  • Yes, and thank you! I agree with everything you mentioned ….except one,….getting flu shots! I have had one only in 1958 or 59 and refused to get another. The ingredients are poison to the human system, and lowers one’s immune system. My sister though, insisted on getting one every year, and she also got the flu every year. I don’t believe in them,… nor trust them or the AMA and pharmaceuticals that PUSH it…’s ALL about the money…..not the individual. However, everyone to their own choice.

  • I agree with Rebecca on not having a flu shot and it will only work on the flus that have already happened. (And even that is debatable)
    This would be a good time for people to tell everyone about their favourite flu treatments. Mine; olive leaf extract, kimchi, oregano oil, and a good steam inhalant. We can make all these ourselves. Something to dry up the mucous membranes such as Catha edulis (illegal in some countries, not good for high blood pressure, very easy to grow and seeds are sold on ebay)
    Keep in mind that there was a flu that killed the people with strong immune systems over people with weakened immune systems. Their bodies were overwhelmed and the person drowned from the effects of the strong immune response. Old people were surviving and young adults were dying ; so good anti viral herbs – and there’s a lot – should be considered.
    Bella is right though; If there was a pandemic where people drop like flies, then isolation is the only thing I would trust.

  • Might be a good idea to keep Thieves Oil on hand. You can get it from Young Living Essential Oils. During the bubonic plague, robbers would enter dead people’s homes to steal things. They wore bandanas over their mouths that had been treated with the combination of oils found in thieves oil. They never got sick.

    • Just curious about that thieves oil. If the thieves knew a way to prevent getting sick, why didn’t everyone else know about it? If such a remedy existed then why did it become a plague in the first place?

      • Todd, that doesn’t make sense. I have a herb that is a sure thing to get rid of kidney stones fast. That doesn’t mean that kidney stones will suddenly disappear from the planet. If I said to you, I will give you a herbal tea to get rid of your kidney stones, and then a doctor said, I’ll operate to get rid of your kidney stones…..who will you go to? The doctor of course.
        Now apply it to the plague….a doctor or a thief? You would take the doctor’s word for it because you are conditioned to believe them and never question them.
        I would go with thieves oil because of the amazing herbs it is derived from. I can’t imagine a flu virus getting past that potent blend. Remember, doctors don’t have the cure to the flu, otherwise, in your own words, why does the flu still exist?

  • I also suggest that you stock-pile your favorite flu foods and remedies. I was a young child when everyone else in the family came down with the Hong-Kong Flu. Make sure your young ones know what to do if the parents get sick – based on their age and ability. We ran out of soup, crakers and bread pretty quick. Probably the start of my prepper mindset.

  • At only a 56% success rate. Flu shots are a crap shoot. Not to mention that there is no history with the newer vaccines and most have some pretty bad side effects. The recommendation should be to not get them at all and build up you immune system naturally.

    • Getting a flu shot, even if it works, will only grant immunity for THAT PARTICULAR VIRUS. If, instead, you get the flu and suffer through it, your body will create antibodies that will give you a head-start in fighting off other flu viruses. I would only recommend getting a flu shot for those persons with severely compromised immune systems that might not survive even a seasonal flu.

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