Vehicle Prepping: Replacing The Control Module Of Your Car

Vehicle prepping

Just a few computer chips can make it impossible for you to use your survival vehicle. Here’s how to solve the problem!

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How To Prepare Your Tractor For An EMP

EMP Proof Tractor

As an important element of your homestead, make sure you know how to keep your tractor as safe as possible from EMP related damage.

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How The World Would Change Without Fuels?


Since diesel and gasoline were only invented in the late 1800’s, it will not be so hard to “go back” to a lifestyle without these fuels. But do you know how to do it?

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Off-Grid Mechanics: 8 Steps That You Need To Know


When modern equipment won’t work anymore, the prepared have a plan in place. They know they can get the job done. Can you do the same?

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Survival Lessons From The Pioneers: The Donner Party


This is a story that every prepper should know. Read it below and think about the mistakes that have been made. Repeating them will kill you.

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Did Chemtrails Murder Prince And Merle?


The recent demise of the iconic music entertainers Merle Haggard and Prince, stretches the outer limits of reality. Both were anti-government Chemtrail activists…

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How To Survive A Wildfire


Wildfires can be life-threatening, especially if you are caught in the fire while trapped in a vehicle and you panic.

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Best Tips for Driving in the Snow

driving in snow

Be prepared at all levels to drive in the snow. Follow a few simple rules, and winter driving may become a sport that you do not welcome, but you do not fear it either.

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Winter Driving: 5 Tips For Your Fuel Economy

winter car

If your fuel reserve won’t last enough, you won’t stand a chance, so you must know how to stretch it as much as you need to.

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13 Survival Lessons From Santa, The Ultimate Prepper

prepper santa

If you think about it, Santa has outdone all of us, especially when it comes to longevity. If there was ever someone to emulate, Santa would be it.

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How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Survival


In any bug out situation your life will depend on the vehicle you choose, as well as how you took care of it and prepared it before the event.

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How to Use Your Car for Cooking Off-grid

car cooking

People have been doing it for about as long as cars have been on the road but it’s emerging as an alternate resource for cooking in a crisis situation.

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EMP Survival: An Essential List For Your Car’s Top Systems


Ready for EMP survival? Learn how to replace the parts for the most affected five systems of your car as opposed to changing the systems altogether.

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8 Tools for Underground City Navigation

underground exit

Learn the basics of underground traveling during disaster, and try different routes. And by “routes” I don’t mean a trip to the corner store.

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5 Ways An EMP Could Kill Your Car

emp car

You can use this guide to determine how EMP sensitive your own vehicle is, as well as during the process of searching for viable models to rebuild.

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Lost In The City? 7 Ways To Navigate Without GPS


If you have done your homework and practiced these skills, the odds are very good that you will reach your destination safely, without GPS.

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