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When you’re living small and running out of space in your home, anything you buy raises the same big question: where am I going to store it?

A lot of people live in small spaces, and still buy a lot of everything, even if most of it finally goes to waste. Let’s be smart and buy what you really need and use, in or outside the kitchen. Think about how to use in multiple ways everything you buy, including food.

In other words, choose versatile food as much as you opt for multipurpose items when building your reserves. In the end, its about money, but also about space and resources.

Here’s what I chose!


Do you remember when people were stuck in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina?

Aside from problems with waste disposal, there were also many people that developed severe psychological problems because too many people were packed in together.

This is one very good example of what shelter means for your survival, right? But this is not enough: clothing and bedding meet the most personal needs for shelter from the climate, so we have to take them into account as well while prepping.

Vertical gardeningJust because you live in a small place with little to no yard doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fresh vegetables and plants that you grow yourself. Vertical gardening allows you to take advantage of every square foot that you have available to you.

For that matter, even if you have plenty of space, vertical gardening is a great way grow a variety of plants that you can eat and that decorate your yard. All you need is some latticework or something similar and the desire to do it!

city gardening

One of the biggest challenges for preppers and gardeners who live in urban settings is space.

It’s tough to find enough space to plant basil, let alone grow an entire garden. Even if you live on a fairly large lot, neighbors may take exception to you growing a full garden in your front yard. You also have to worry about scavengers, both human and 4-legged, robbing your goodies.

grow peppers

Peppers are one of Nature’s most versatile foods; there are many different kinds and you can eat them raw or use them to add flavor to many types of dishes.

Nearly all cuisines include peppers as staple foods because they’re easy to grow and they don’t take up much space. It’s this last feature that makes peppers such a great prepper’s plant; you can grow them literally anywhere that has some sun.