A New Era In Foreign Relations

Under Trump, a new era in foreign relations begins. The world needs a strong America so, will we regain our place in world leadership?

What’s Happening With Russia?

These days, it seems that Russia, like us, is in a waiting game, eager to see what our November elections hold for the future.

What Are Our Enemies Up To While We Fight Ourselves

Pretty much everything has been about the elections lately, but they aren’t the only thing happening in the world. Our enemies are not sleeping.

Putin Is Pulling Russia Out Of The Syrian War

In a sudden and surprising move, Putin announced that Russia will be pulling their troops out of the Syrian civil war.

Did You Know These Siberian Survival Secrets?

The very harsh Siberian climate requires extraordinary efforts from its inhabitants to stay in shape. Here are some of their survival recipes and remedies.

How The Russian Bear Mauls ISIS

A major shift in world power is playing out right before our eyes. If so, Obama will have truly accomplished the “fundamental change” he promised.

What Are The Russians Doing So Close To US?

Obama’s light slap on Vladimir Putin’s wrist wasn’t even noticed, let alone slowing down any Russian military action.

Airliner Shot Down By Russians; Where is America’s Leadership?

The change in our military’s leadership; or rather, lack of leadership, has put the world in danger. And the world sees it…