Product Review: Plug & Farm Tower

If you’re looking for a way to grow vertically in small spaces, this is it! I’m recommending it to any prepper interested to grow its own food.

Product Review: Solavore Sport Solar Oven

With Solavore Sport Solar Oven, you’re getting what you’re paying for, and you can even get a 20% discount. Hurry up and grab the offer!

Product Review: Miracle Farm Blueprint

Will you be able to grow your own food for months or years, even if the soil is contaminated or you have limited space to garden? Here’s the solution!

Product Review: Smith and Wesson Special Tactical Folding Knife

This Smith and Wesson knife is a handy EDC for anyone, regardless of your particular needs.

The Lost Ways: The Man Behind The Book

I’ve been looking for something like this for years, so, I wanted to thank Claude for making this lost knowledge available to every prepper.

Product Review: Urban Survival Playing Cards

This is a great idea, especially as a way of introducing survival to people who are not yet preppers plus it can be used for children and adults alike.

Product Review: The New Power Whisperer

Manufactured in the USA, in South Carolina, this is a mobile power system designed and built by Americans, with the prepper in mind.

How To Choose The Perfect Power Generator

Considering it only takes a medium-sized storm to knock down power lines, it makes sense to have a reliable power generator for your home.

Product Review: Proclivus App

This free app puts the periodic emergency preparedness articles, blogs and news you care about in one place, without the ads and the clutter.

Product Review: MREs From Meal Kit Supply LLC

If you have never eaten MREs (meals ready to eat) before, then you may not realize that they are very different from foods you buy in the local stores.

Product Review: Power Whisperer

If you plan to use an usual generator as a backup power source, think twice. The noise most generators make makes them looter magnets.

Product Review: SunJack Camp Light USB Bulb

If you are interested in cutting edge light sources that can be applied to survival situations, learning more about USB lighting will be of immense benefit.

Product Review: 14 Watt SunJack Portable Solar Charger

This particular device can provide 5 volts of power at 2 amps for several hours efficiently and reliably… Have you tried it yet?

Product Review: Little Sun Solar Lantern

In a post crisis world, being able to obtain light with a low heat signature and low energy usage is going to be very important.

Products for Off-grid Survival: Insta-Fire

To see how good is Insta-Fire for off-grid survival, we compared it with another firestarter, building camp fires with dry wood and wet wood.