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As a gun owner, you will enjoy many rewards that come with being a responsible and competent carrier. Practicing effective and efficient shooting skills reduces the risk of injuring innocent people and also makes it easier for you to handle a crisis.

Gun owners today must practice many different scenarios, including when and when not to shoot until it become second nature or muscle memory.

When you have developed a sufficient level of muscle memory, you will have to think consciously about drawing your gun, aiming, or firing. Rather, once you know that you have to fire the gun, it will all happen in one fluid motion from start to finish.

From that perspective, practicing isn’t just about ensuring you can hit the target, it is about being able to evaluate and follow through as quickly as possible without making mistakes. Even though professional shooters make their actions look effortless, hours and years of practice go into their skills and marksmanship.

Here are some ways you can hone your skills at home using some basic devices and drills.

Fighting off an attacker isn’t just about hitting your opponent hard enough to make them stop trying to hurt you. It is also about making sure that any blows sent your way don’t harm important parts of your body.

When you are in this kind of fight, some of your efforts will aim defending vital body parts even if you’re also trying to strike your opponent. Staying safe comes first!

Here are five body parts that you must defend regardless of the nature of the attack. While not using other body parts will spell trouble, harming these five parts can cause permanent injury or loss of life. Keep reading!

Self Defense

If you qualify as a small person, you may look as the perfect victim but when it comes to defending yourself, you have a couple of advantages that may make up for your stature.

First, the smaller you are, the more an attacker is going to underestimate you. They’re going to be more likely to assume that you’re an easy mark just because you’re smaller or perhaps physically challenged.

Second, they’re going to expect you to be afraid. If you don’t show fear, it’s possible that you can throw them off-kilter long enough to buy yourself a few extra, precious seconds. There are a few things that you can do to make this time count.

In this article, I am going to talk about some of those measures as well as share some other tips to help you defend yourself and your castle.

Panic Room

Even if you travel to the ends of the Earth to reach the perfect bug out location, or you think you have everything accounted for in a bug in scenario, your survival may depend on  the contents and security  of a single room.

Some people feel panic rooms are useless, or that escaping is always a better option, but a panic room is really useful until immediate dangers pass.

When used with awareness of the pitfalls of panic rooms and within the context of a comprehensive survival plan, panic rooms can save your life. Here are the right answers  that will help you turn your panic room into the safest location on earth.