How To Identify A Presumptive Shooter

Active shooter

Active shooters are nothing new, but if you learn to identify them, you increase your chances of survival in a shooting scenario.

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Why Your Neighborhood Terrorist Loves Gun Control


Gun control is something terrorists love because it creates a weakness they can exploit at every level of our personal and social existence.

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5 Real Solutions To Gun Violence


Every person has a chance to help stop gun violence by reaching out and doing something useful. All that matters is that you want to stop a killing.

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5 Things Anti-Gunners Get Wrong About Gun Rights

gun control

Fake statistics are used to advocate for gun control even as millions of women and children are being wiped off the face of the Earth by criminals.

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The Enduring Legacy of Gun Control

20003767 - road sign stating gun free zone

Far to many people believe that guns are only of use in a gunfight. When guns are only in the hands of the police, it is the children that suffer.

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4 Ways The Anti-Gun Movements Supply Crime And Terrorism


As the anti-gun movement demand disarmament, their very own rhetoric creates more innocent victims among people of color, and among civil servants.

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Gun Control: A Holocaust Against Our Soldiers And Veterans


When people trained to defend us with guns are called incompetent to own and use guns, an abuse is made by those who sent them off to war.

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Your Freedom… Is It To Die For?

guns usa

Permanent disarmament bans not only don’t prevent recidivism but they do lay the groundwork for tyranny. It’s worse! It eventually makes all of us criminals.

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Killing Your Liberties With Laws

killing liberties

It is called Senate Bill 2934 or the “Fix Gun Checks Act of 2016”. It is the detonator on the improvised explosive anti-constitutional device.

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“Et tu, Brutus?” Is Your Church An NSA Spy?

SVP church windows

Our Police State USA has now reached new devastating heights of radical intrusion, stepping into our privacy in the sanctity of our own church.

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Merrick Garland For Scalia’s Place In Supreme Court?


All-in-all, the Supreme Court nomination is a definite hot potato. The candidate that Obama has selected doesn’t make that easy either.

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The Dictator Versus Our Civil Rights

Obama gun control

Obama has stated that his goal for his last official year in office, is to do something about gun control. We have much more coming our way.

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Death Sentence For The 2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment

It’s worse than bad. Totalitarian gun grabbers are now winning strongly and free American patriots are losing miserably.

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Obama’s Attacks On Our Second Amendment Rights

Obama gun control

Eliminating violence would require changing human nature, eliminating our free will, curtailing emotions (especially anger), not their guns.

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San Bernardino: Why Gun Control Laws Don’t Work

Gun laws

The same story plays over and over again; while Obama and the PC police prevent the truth from coming out and the real issues from being dealt with.

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What Really Caused The California Terrorist Massacre?

big bernardino

Would more gun registration in the form of universal background checks have stopped this California massacre? California has them, but it did not stop the attackers from killing.

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