Natural First Aid For Kids That Preppers Should Know

kids wounds

The day may come when you can’t just head to the store and pick up another bottle of acetaminophen to treat your sick child. Here’s what to do instead!

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5 Ways To Defeat Bacteria Without Antibiotics


The best way to defeat bacteria naturally is to approach your battle from all sides. It sounds simple, and it generally is. Here are the secrets!

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10 Foods To Solve Your Medical Crisis

10 food for medical crisis

When it comes to survival, what you eat can save you more than you imagine. Here are 10 foods that solve your medical emergencies.

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How To Make Chloroform For Survival


Originally chloroform was used as an anesthetic to knock people out for surgery. Now you can make it at home.

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Homemade Penicillin To Survive When SHTF


If SHTF, access to antibiotics may become limited or impossible. If that happens, it’s important to know how to make antibiotics at home.

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Top 10 Types Of Meds You Need To Stockpile

10 meds

You should have at least a month’s medical supply. What if you don’t have access to what you need, though? Find out how to build your medical supply!

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How To Recognize And Treat Food Poisoning


Food poisoning in an everyday situation is bad enough but at least you have access to medical care. In a post SHTF situation, it can be deadly.

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12 Essential Wildflowers For Your Medical Kit

Medicinal Plants

They’ve been used for healing and for harm so you should know about which wildflowers are worth being in your medical kit in case you need them.

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Combat Lessons From A Veteran: Surviving Gunshots


Without good follow up treatment–especially with infections–gunshot fatalities increase to almost 90%. Learn from a vet how to survive.

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Gunshot First Aid For Preppers: What You Need To Know

big wound

What if you face the squirting, bloody mess of a gaping blackish red hole in someone’s shoulder from a blast of AK fire?

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Common Items To Use For Medical Crisis (II)


What you eat truly does affect your health but some items have a curative effect that you may find instantly helpful.

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Skills to Learn for First Aid in a World Gone Mad

Survivopedia first aid skills

First aid isn’t anymore about knowing your ABC’s… when drug use or special needs get in the way, things change…

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9 Life-Saving Signals when Being Trapped

Survivopedia SOS signals when trapped

In a time of crisis there will be people trapped or buried alive in buildings. Others may be trapped underground. Do you know how to signal to survive?

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When Meds Disappear: the Survival Crunch of the Ill


Not having enough meds is perhaps the biggest health issue known to chronic patients who are preparing for long-term survival after a catastrophic event.

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Top 7 Female Items to Hoard for Survival


Women will possibly face unique dangers in a post-SHTF world, and have a few personal concerns that we’ll need to consider.

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Diseases to Fear in the Aftermath of Disaster


Many people believe that the biggest fear after SHTF is going to be starvation or attack from other humans, but the likelihood of mass death by disease is a much more terrifying probability.

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