7+ Tips To Survive When Camping In Winter

Winter Camping

Winter camping is not for everyone, but if you want to test your winter survival skills, follow these tips and enjoy a unique experience.

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How To Choose Warm Clothes For Cold Days


The right clothing can quite literally be the difference between living and dying if you’re caught outside in bad weather.

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11 Reasons To Stockpile Castor Oil For Survival


Old timers used castor oil for everything from colds to parasitical worms. Here are 11 reasons to stockpile this multipurpose item.

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Survival Lessons From The Old: One Pot Meals

51194722 - one pot

The cowboys and settlers did it because they only had the luxury of one pot on the trail. We do it today because there are so many recipes out there that are delicious and fast.

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10 TO DOs In Winter For Your Survival Garden


You don’t want all of your gardening efforts to be wasted during winter. Here are 10 steps to follow to protect your survival garden.

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3 Medieval Remedies To Heal The Common Cold

Cold Remedies

Instead of taking cold medicine, try these 3 revived ancient remedies and you’ll feel alive again.

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Moving Your Computer Off Grid


A computer can make it easier for you to survive. Here is what you need to know about taking your computer off-grid.

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5 Things To Know About Bleach Storage

Bleach Storage

Bleach is an important item to your stockpile. Here are 5 things to know about bleach survival storage, uses and alternatives.

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How To Survive Eating Wild Winter Edibles


In winter, it’s still possible to dig through the snow and get to wild edibles. They’re delicious and some of them are packed with carbs.

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Help – It’s Illegal to Live Off-Grid!

Illegal to Live Off-grid

Can you homestead and still go unnoticed? How can you do it and still stay safe? You will find the answers in this post.

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How To Survive With Kids In Small Spaces


Keep your kids entertained if you are stranded in a small space in a survival situation, with these fun and creative activities.

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7 Bartering Rules To Write In Stone

43481939 - copper harbor, michigan, usa - august 23, 2015. ammunition room at fort wilkins state historical park. the ammunition was never used with the exception of hunting as the fort never saw military action

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to bartering with other survivors in a SHTF situation. Take these seven rules to heart.

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Prep Blog Review: Ultimate Survival Tips

Ultimate survival tips

As preppers, not a day goes by without learning something new, isn’t it? Read this article to discover the ultimate survival ideas published these days.

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9 Myths About Surviving On A Budget Debunked

Surviving on a budget

When it comes to surviving, there are a lot of myths that can make it harder for you to survive when SHTF. We have debunked nine of them.

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7 Mouth-watering Recipes To Cook In The Sun

14519704 - solar cooking oven with black pot.

With a little practice, cooking on a solar oven is a piece of cake. These 7 mouth-watering recipes are exactly what you’ll need to prepare a good meal.

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8 Dangers After Floods You Need To Know About

Danger After Floods

After a flood, the water may be gone but the dangers are not. Here are 8 dangers you will face after a flood and how to survive them.

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