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I have learned, earlier than most, that you cannot convince sheep.

Young people will continue to pay for over-priced worthless liberal arts degrees. Suburbanites will buy brand new cars they neither need, nor can afford, just to impress the neighbors.

Americans will spend thousands just to see The Super Bowl (which will not be any tangibly different than any other football game). And the sheeple will always and religiously stand in lines for hours during “Black Friday.”

But every once in a while I think I find a new insight, a new viewpoint that is so clear, so simple that even your rank and file American sheeple might be convinced of it. That this insight is so cunning, and so simple it could revolutionize the way people think for the better.

And so I hope (though am not hopeful) to convince many of you why investing in the stock market today is fundamentally stupid and on par with standing in line on Black Friday.