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With Thanksgiving now firmly behind us, we’re full-blown into the holiday season. The race is on, rushing downhill towards Christmas at breakneck speed. Stopping only long enough to visit the malls and max out our credit cards, buying gifts that people don’t want, with money we don’t have, so that they can bring those gifts back to the stores and get a refund…

What a system!

In case you didn’t notice, I’m not particularly thrilled with the holidays. It’s not that I don’t like Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, it’s that I think we’ve lost the essence of what they are. No longer are the holidays about their original meanings, which were all of a religious nature. Nor do we see much of the secondary meanings of family, friends and love… those seem to have been largely lost as well.

Thanksgiving has become a day of gluttony and football, Christmas a celebration of materialism and New Year’s Eve is just a drunken party.

On top of this, you can be sure that somebody, probably somebody on the political left, is going to be politicizing the holidays once again, being loudly and publically offended that someone actually had the affront to say “Merry Christmas” to them, rather than the more politically correct, “Happy Holidays.”

As we hit Thanksgiving week once again, many are reminded of the need to give thanks for the many blessings we all enjoy. Sadly, we need that reminder, as many of us are too busy complaining about what we don’t have, to remember to give thanks for what we do have.

It’s basically impossible to be both thankful and ungrateful at the same time, as the two are polar opposites. But in our negatively focused world, the negative emotion of ungratefulness seems to take charge, overriding any feelings of thanksgiving.

There are many people in our country who are never really thankful. Rather, they are bitter about life in general and our country specifically.

They don’t see this day as an annual celebration of thanksgiving, but rather as an annual reminder of the wrongs that our country has done.