Relocating Before SHTF

Post SHTF houses

If you’ve ever heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then you may well agree that bugging out now is far superior to even the best contingency plan for bugging out after the SHTF.
The best bug out location in the world is the one you’re already at, so if relocating to your intended bug out area is an option for you and your family, you may want to go for it now and get the move out of the way.

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Meds To Stockpile For A Crisis

Pills spilling from bottle

From pharmaceutical medicine to vitamins, antiseptics and additional herbal medicines, there are a number of important medical supplies that you can and should stock up on in case of an emergency.
Over-the-counter medications are a good place to start, including antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal medicines. If you know where you purchase them […]

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7 Vital Herbs From The Herbalist’s Garden

Herbalism, found and practiced throughout virtually every region and people of the world, has been practiced with quite some success for thousands of years.
Many modern practitioners and patients of herbal or holistic medicine consider it to be the precursor of modern pharmaceutical medicine. And, considering that most modern pharmaceuticals are comprised of […]

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Useful Skills And Items For Bartering After SHTF

In the aftermath of a disaster or the collapse of civil society as we know it, you’ll want to have useful skills and items that you can barter or trade with.

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Best Fuels For Off-Grid Survival

Burning stove top

From refined fuels such as gasoline, to natural resources including animal dung and coal, there are many sources of fuel for use off the grid or after the SHTF.

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Bug Out Vehicles & Locations

Bug out camo painted vehicle

Not only can you travel further and faster in a BOV, it will also allow you to haul a substantial amount of extra supplies, such as your BOB, clothing, ammunition and guns.

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Maintaining Fertile Cropland

Crop land

Everyone needs food, and living off the uncultivated land will not be practicable or sustainable after whatever catastrophe has occurred.

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7 Vital Foods To Stock Up On

sunset on the dried ground

Famines aren’t something that most people think about in the United States, but they have happened throughout global history and within the US.

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Networking For Preppers: Online Forums

Survival Forums Logos

Some areas have local survival groups you could network with, but if you’re having a hard time finding a local group, the internet is a fantastic resource.

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Food Storage: Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated

Glass jars food storage

In this article we’ll be reviewing some of the key differences between dehydrated foods and freeze-dried, or astronaut, foods.

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Introduction To Self-Defense

With petty and violent crimes alike happening virtually everywhere these days, more and more people all over the world are taking an interest in various methods of self-defense.

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The Basics Of Medical Preparedness

Medical emergency kit

In a world rife with ready access to affordable medicines and professional medical care, many people worry about how to handle their medical needs when SHTF.

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A Basic Guide To Shelters

Albanian bunker

Depending on the region you live in, and the range of possible disasters you wish to prepare for, there are a variety of emergency shelters you can purchase or construct to better prepare yourself.

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Off-The-Grid Hygiene Guide

Off grid bath

Living life off the grid comes with all kinds of challenges, some you may be ready for and others that never occurred to you until they arise.

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Surviving The Next Black Death

Throughout human history there have been several pandemics which have swept over the world, devastating the human race and leaving innumerable dead in their wake.

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How To Heat Your Home Without Electricity

A serious survival situation will set society back to a more primitive state. Heating your home with these methods is the only way to ensure long-term survival.

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