They are specialized preppers now, but everything had a starting point.. The writers at Survivopedia have spoken about their first encounters with prepping and

The common approach to any survival scenario is to assess your situation, and the first step is to acknowledge you’re lost; stop and think

Many people don’t realize that the ultra-fine nature of volcanic ash means that it can travel for hundreds to thousands of miles fairly quickly.

Proenneke learned how to become part of nature, something that modern life has insulated us from. He wanted to understand nature and learn from

The most annoying and disturbing fact about earthquakes is that they have the potential to strike anytime/anywhere, hence prepping for an earthquake should be

If you’re just getting started in prepping, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry, we all feel that way at the beginning. There’s too

Children, by their very nature, aren’t planners. They don’t think about tomorrow, or even ten minutes from now, unless their parents have promised to

It is time for us to take a good look at a comparative study of both the past and present survival tactics and weapons.

Feeding on one's emotions during a SHTF situation will always lead to poor decision making, and in a survival scenario, this is very dangerous.

There are some things that are considered unshakable in politics, especially in the politics of the political left. We see these all the time,

Getting caught in a burning building is a relatively common occurrence in modern-day America, hence acquiring the skills on how to survive such an

If you want to find the roots of the modern prepping movement, you need look no further than former Congressman and scientist Roscoe Bartlett.

Statistically speaking, prepping families only make up one to two percent of our population. But if we break it down by individuals, we’ll probably

While Venezuela is a much smaller country than the United States, there are many parallels between the two, especially when you compare pre-Chavez Venezuela

It is my hope that every person  will keep this in mind and do their best to promote the Second Amendment and ensure that