We are all faced with the need to travel from time to time; whether it is for business, vacation, family trips or even going

Most of what Jill needs, she either grows herself or makes herself. She has a small workshop, with basic tools in it that were

The combination of the wind and rain is destructive, by flattening structures and flooding occupied areas. It's your decision: whether you bug-in or you

Get in the habit of using a paper map to back up your GPS, when you’re out in the country. GPS could fail at

Creating unforgettable memories and reaping the mental and physical health benefits of communing with nature are both wonderful aspects of letting your child participate

You never know when a large-scale disaster can strike and you could find yourself stuck in the middle of chaos, needing to get out.

As both foreign and domestic issues continue to increase in severity, more people are considering joining a survival community for networking with other people

Despite what anyone tells you, mankind sucks at predicting the future. If you live in a country with thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at

One of the main focus points in the prepping community has been the risk of an EMP, specifically from North Korea. While we have

Our modern day lives are a multifaceted compendium of exponentially evolving technology, social media, and even convenience food ingredients. These daily parts of our

From plumbing to managing wounds or resolving boredom issues, these iconic items parents teach their kids vary from home to home and from family

A lot of preppers from our community have sent us e-mails asking for advice on what is the best survival gear they can acquire,

When you invite your friends, it gets them involved in the most important thing everyone can do next to voting: actually taking part, investigating,

The biggest advantage of being part of a survival team comes when a disaster strikes and you have to activate the team. Working together

They are specialized preppers now, but everything had a starting point.. The writers at Survivopedia have spoken about their first encounters with prepping and