During the Great Depression, cooks scraped meals together from whatever was available. By mixing bits of food with a little creativity and ingenuity, women

The prepping movement has evolved through the years it has been in existence. This is not surprising, as there has been a huge amount

Finding enough food to live on in the wild is one of those things that’s often overlooked. Perhaps that’s because water, heat and shelter

They’re wonderful on burgers and cooked down to put on a steak. They season stews and add zest to salads, but there are dozens

Before you commit to converting your cellar into a survival shelter, be sure you can keep out water and moisture. Here are 120 safe

Your seeds are next year’s lifeline, and a well-earned investment for this year’s hard work. Store them badly and they’ll rot, freeze, and die.

You do a lot of things to make sure that you and your family stays safe in the winter, but what about your animals?

Most of us throw away a very valuable asset when we trim the fat from our meat. Are you making this mistake?

How do you keep food safely frozen in the winter, how do you store it, and what foods freeze well? Here are the answers

Meat is the traditional protein source, but there are many other foods out there that contain it, too. You should have these in your

While it may seem like a stretch to try and grow all needed food indoors, it is entirely possible. This means that you'll need indoor

Sometimes one must improvise, and here alternative survival weapons come into play. Enter the boomerang. Would you know how to make it and

You’re stuck after a SHTF scenario with one crop and nothing else but it, other than water. Is there one food that you could live

There are seven ways to Sunday that you can ruin meat while you’re smoking it. Save you time and money, and save wasting perfectly

That’s right – baking soda is useful in the garden in more than one way. And forget about using it only in your garden,

We don’t need a disaster to find that we’ve made some major mistakes in how we stockpile for an emergency. These 9 errors can

What these hurricanes made me rethink was, not surprisingly, my stockpile. But not what’s in it, rather how protected is it from damage.

Should you panic? Probably not. As long as your chickens are healthy inside and out, they’re probably going through the molting process.

Worried about long-term solutions to refrigerating meat without power? Here are some tips that may help you get a bit more mileage before your

Canning is a satisfying end to all of your hard work if it works out well. Whether you’re making peach preserves or entire meals