A New Era In Foreign Relations

Foreign relations

Under Trump, a new era in foreign relations begins. The world needs a strong America so, will we regain our place in world leadership?

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Is The Division In Our Society Permanent?

Divided America

Unity is harder to create than divisiveness. Can we get back to a unified front or is the United States destined to remain divided?

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What to Expect in 2017


An era is ending. The long and brutal election campaign that we’ve all survived through is finally over. What to expect in 2017?

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Finally… The Electoral College Votes

67143324 - the vote of the electoral college in the united states

The Electoral College voted. The results are already in and unofficially we now know that Donald Trump has officially won the election.

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Democrats Still In Meltdown

Democrats Meltdown

Rather than regroup and try to find a way to make the best of the situation, the Democrat party seems to be in total meltdown. What’s next?

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Making The Most Of The Next Four Years

Making The Most Of The Next Four Years

Does our new president have the skills to show the country the true conservative values and make America great again in the next 4 years?

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Fake News Is The Only News There Is

Fake News

After the elections, the mainstream media are still trying to manipulate. Can you make the difference between real and fake news?

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Why Vertical Gardening Is The Way To Go For Survival

Vertical garden

When it comes to growing your plants, space is a problem, but not for vertical gardening. Here is how to start your own vertical garden.

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Are We Seeing The End Of Progressive Liberalism?

Progressive Liberalism

Does a Democrat loss mean the end of progressive liberalism? Are we going to see our country go back in a rational direction?

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What’s With The Electoral College?


Once again in 16 years, the Democrats want to get rid of the Electoral College, but here is why this is not going to happen.

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Here, On The Other Side

Donald Trump

After over a year of divisive political campaigning, Donald Trump has won the elections, but is he capable of uniting us once again?

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What’s Happening With Russia?


These days, it seems that Russia, like us, is in a waiting game, eager to see what our November elections hold for the future.

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What Are Our Enemies Up To While We Fight Ourselves


Pretty much everything has been about the elections lately, but they aren’t the only thing happening in the world. Our enemies are not sleeping.

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What Would A Trump Presidency Look Like?


A Trump presidency will be much different than what we’ve seen before. Can you imagine what would a Hillary presidency look like?

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Does Hillary’s Health Really Matter?

55626091 - los angeles, ca - april 16, 2016: us democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton campaigns at southwest college, los angeles, ca

Whatever her medical condition is, does Hillary’s health really matter? All scenarios are the same thing, the only difference is one of timing.

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The Basic Study Guide For Your EMP Survival

49927316 - blackout concept. lighting candle near laptop with dark empty screen

There is so much to learn about EMP survival, and so little time. I’ll point you in the right direction: here’s where to start your study from!

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